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The Post-Election “Event” – What Business Owners Must Do Now to Prepare

You have been hypnotized.

It’s ok … you’re waking up now.  The transition might be unpleasant for a moment, but it will pass.  What you do next is the real trick.

By the end of this, you’ll be able to prove to yourself (and anyone you care about enough to share this information) the following …

1.  Exactly how you were hypnotized over the course of the election (and how to deprogram yourself)

 2.  An event scientists around the world know is coming (no politician alive will talk about it … hint:  it’s bigger than climate change or terrorism)

3.  The extremely destructive belief your mind was tricked into adopting

If you understand these three things, you will have a far better chance weathering the coming storm.

Let’s start with #3.

Before you can understand this, I need to familiarize you with some profound new science.  Don’t worry.  It’s easy to grasp, and will take only 5 minutes.  But once you get it … it will change your orientation to the world in a fundamental way.

Stanford Professor Carol Dweck has discovered something psychologists and philosophers have struggled with for hundreds of years … (Just take 5 minutes to read this summary now – you can go back to obsessing about the election right after, I promise … I’ll cover the rest in the next two posts.)

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