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Your Next Major Win

If you read Part 1, you’ll know that we have now mobilized the Simpleology Affiliate Army.

And you have been drafted!

This is part of a much larger plan unfolding that will become clearer and clearer over the coming months.  And it will ultimately culminate in something over the next couple years intended to make a Steve Jobs style “dent in the universe.”

But, unlike Apple (no offense to them – I’m a Mac user), we intend for our customers to profit right alongside us.

And that begins today …

Last week I was flooded with messages from folks more or less all sounded like this …

“Dude!  This is epic, but we already have plans for the big shopping weekend.  I wish you’d told me sooner!  Can you extend the holiday offer?”

And they’re right, you know.  We announced this way too late.

Even still, the results so far have been astonishing.   And the reviews have exceeded my expectations.  Even the great Dr. Joe Vitale himself said …

So, we’re giving you – members of the Army – advance notice to get ready for a Christmas Flash Sale we’ll run for “The (Not So) Little Calendar That Grows Your Business”.

Start Date and Time:  12:01AM PST Dec 6 2019

End Date and Time: 11:59PM PST Dec 9 2019

In Part 1, I showed you how to get your affiliate links … explained the commission structures, etc …

(Side note:  I made a mistake in that video … our standard commissions are 25% not 20% – and that’s how much you’ll get.  Plus, the commissions for the front end purchase are bumped up to 50%!)

So, what are your next steps?

1.  Post your affiliate link everywhere you can … on your social profiles, in a review video or blog post, in an email you send to your list if you have one … etc

2.  The best form of affiliate promotion: is usually in the form of a review or an endorsement.  If you haven’t seen The Calendar yet, you can talk about what you know about me and Simpleology … that still works quite well.  It’s a way to endorse honestly if you haven’t seen the product in question itself.

3.  A classic trick that works quite well is to offer an “additional bonus” to folks who buy through your link.  The juicier the bonus, and the more effectively you sell it, the better your results.  That’s not a requirement, but it can definitely help.  Especially if your bonus is extremely valuable in its own right.

4.  Remember: in marketing, sometimes promotions works, sometimes they don’t … whether or not they are successful depends on many factors and it’s impossible to predict these things in advance.  The key is to make observations, make improvements, try again.  Repeat!  Persistence is the key, but more importantly … intelligent persistence.  For example, if the copy of an email is effective, but the subject line fails to get opens, the overall results will be low.  If you get a lot of clicks, but not a lot of sales, sometimes that means that the pre-framing of your message or the endorsement was weak.



Try again.

Just like a scientist would.

But that’s only part of it.  I’m quite fond of saying “marketing is part art, part science, and part voodoo.”

You are now beginning to understand the science part … the art comes in with you coming up with creative ways to capture attention and entice the customer to buy … the “voodoo” part is partly about the personal energy you bring to the table.   People buy from positive people with high-energy.  If you keep that in mind when you shoot videos and write copy, people will sense it.  And the proof will be in the results you get.

Whether you want to make your role in the Simpleology Affiliate Army your full time job (and quit your “day job” – it’s very possible, especially since we pay lifetime commissions – but “don’t quit your day job” until you’re consistently earning 3x your regular paycheck many months in a row) … or as a supplemental income … or as an extra income stream for your business …

Everything I said above is key.  Read it again and again – but more importantly act on it – and the world is yours.

Simplicity is freedom!


Mark Joyner
Founder and CEO

P.S.  Questions?  Post them in the comments below and I’ll personally answer them.

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