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7 Stealth Influence Tactics FBI Agents Use in Life or Death Scenarios

When lives are on the line, your persuasion had better be game-tight.

If you don’t make a sale, there’s always the next prospect.

Would you rely on the same tactics when talking a terrorist out of executing hostages?

FBI hostage negotiators have to up their persuasion game to a whole new level.

Chris Voss was the FBI’s chief international hostage and kidnapping negotiator and, after decades of honing his craft, these are his 7 most potent stealth persuasion tactics.

The beauty is, you can use these very same techniques to make your sales and negotiation (of any kind – even with your employees, friends, and family) far more effective.

And they’re utterly undetectable to the untrained eye.

REVEALED: The 7 Most Powerful Secrets of Influence
Used by the FBI’s Top Hostage Negotiator

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