The Simpleology Browser Add-On

The Simpleology browser add-on (currently for Chrome and Firefox – click here for alternatives for other  browsers) provides instant access to your Dream Catcher from within your browser.

With it, you can right click on a link and add it to your Dream Catcher with comments.  You’ll get a handy icon you can click to add items to your Dream Catcher via a prompt.  You’ll be able to add items to your Dream Catcher directly from your “omnibox” (AKA the “address bar”).  And more …

Simpleology Browser Add-On for Chrome

Download | Walk-Through Video

Simpleology Browser Add-On for Firefox

Download | Walk-Through Video

note:  the add-on for Firefox is not yet live in the Firefox add-on store, so it will not automatically update itself … we’ll let you know as soon as it’s live in the store so you can install the self-updating version

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