Rebooted? Rebranded? Reborn? Yes.

(If the text is hard to read, click here for a full size version.)

Manga strip explaining how Simpleology will be totally reborn with a new interface, new features, and a new name.  Coming in the next few months ...(If the text is hard to read, click here for a full size version.)

  • Blockheads unite! This will knock your blocks off, or the edges off your blocks so you can get rolling. ;-)

  • StevenVrancken

    Mark! I know what those icons are… a dizygotic twin! The Simpleology logo has delivered two babies! If you look carefully to the present logo, you see: (1) a square of which (2) the first part is red and the (2) second part is blue (3) and in between you see a womb… nurturing qubes! You know it`s true, don`t you?

  • MarkJoyner

    And btw … multiple guesses are OK.

  • AugustineIacopelli

    Multi-device synchronization 

    • AugustineIacopelli

      But I kind of like Steven’s guess better…

  • ian90210

    They represent the free and the elite module check boxes remodeled and simplified at the beginning of start my day  

  • NikolaKindRad

    Maybe it has something to do with outsourcing – just hit the Gray button and all your DTPs and Targets are outsourced to Disney Land for processing and implementation. Hit the Blue button and outsource it to one of the real locations, like Mexico or Guatemala… just a guess.

  • ian90210

    Either that or a hypnotic acid trip (So I hear) ;)

  • Dave Dunn

    Some kinda plugin or app system?

  • TheInfotainer

    a SIMPLIFIED system and a NEW TWIST

  • MikelPerez

    I think it will be called “let’s start rollin’!”, and represents the tasks you have set up for yourself and which one you’re currently working on, and what your progress is.

  • DavidHH

    Activity (process) and Decision.

  • DavidHH

    Activity (process step) and Decision (condition/response).

  • DavidHH

    BTW, as Yoda said: “There is no Try, there is only Do or Not Do”.
    However, the Federal government has promoted DoDo as an alternative.

  • DavidHH

    “DoDo” can be pronounced as the name of an extinct bird (appropriate for Congress) OR pronounced as something you step in (also appropriate.)

  • StevenVrancken

    The white qubes are your Plus Self, and the Blue Qubes – falling apart -  are your Minus Self. The new Simpleology is all about knowing who you are, and making strengthening decisions, feel strengthening feelings, think strengthening thougs, talking strengthening words and doing strengthening action – to solidify yourself from deep within. To conclude: the withe and the blue icons are like yin and yang, Simpleology and Simplexity.

  • JohnVir

    I have no idea lol! But just to shoot from the icons the new feature is the building blocks task feature that helps you progress on previous tasks.
    Or a replace what doesn’t fit to something that does…this may get the most funniest I think =p

  • graigz

    The two icons represent innovation.

  • I think that it’s another twist in the simpleology Browser Add-on Feature

  • JamieMarkizon

    A way to create visual flow charts.

  • JonChristensen


  • speekpeep8

    The TAFT Loop?

  • TeresaAMcCabe

    I would say the icon on the left side is a time matrix similar to what Covey teaches and the icon on the right is a time matrix with our target being the diamond shape. 

  • rgore

    My guess is the first icon represents a task and the second icon represents a recurring task.

  • SteveLavey

    update of the Daily Praxis

  • reluctantspy

    look at the situation from a new angle.

  • ColinDodgson

    Clearly it’s a new tool to reduce time spent staring out of the window.

  • artelequia

    Here’s my guess: a feature that helps you be creative and think “out of the box”, so you can differenciate yourself

  • ColinDodgson

    Archive and unarchive.

  • Secret IM

    Not sure about the first one, but the second is “MMM…BOXES…NOM NOM NOM.”

  • I like this, and I’ll guess philosophical….  The boxes represent the areas of our life that we most want to manage well.  Quadrangles or quads of character building with actions based on this framework give us the building blocks to easily accomplish what we want to do most, systematically, visually, in a fun way, kind of like a rubix cube, going from many variations, many results to simple actions, best results.  Looking forward to the unveiling, Mark!

  • NitaOstroff

    Think outside of the box with Elite Free.

  • AndreSlater

    A cube trying to sneak off?

  • cklester

    Balance/harmony vs Discord/disjointedness.

  • artelequia

    Second try: It could be a feature that helps you focus, plan, execute, and move forward within your “second quadrant”, according to Covey’s Time Managament Matrix, that is, the quadrant of important and not urgent things. Covey emphasizes this is the quadrant that we should focus on for long term achievement of goals

  • DavidWakerley

    Hm, the white icon… the easiest game of tetris you ever played.
    The blue icon, a smurf swimming pool trying to escape.

  • maryjaned

    Thinking inside the box and thinking outside the box

  • RoryHalliday

    Multiple Windows

  • Dave Dunn

    some kinda time management system dividing your time into blocks with a timer for each block?… I’m sure both icons are for the same feature… just one would tilt when you hover on it

    • Dave Dunn

      Possibly a Pomodoro system?

  • carldickens

    It seems like it represents the missing piece of the puzzle or the missing piece of one’s life

  • Dave Dunn

    Or maybe it’s just the Pizza button….hit it and Domino’s are at your door in 30 mins :D

  • apples2967

    White boxes are the ideas, blues boxes the action of those ideas

  • ColinDodgson

    Tool to organize tasks by time management matrix, then call up the “Not Urgent, Important” tasks for priority action.

  • badb0iie

    One of these things do not belong here, so get it done first for complete harmony

  • badb0iie

    Sing it:
    One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn’t belong, Can you tell which thing is not like the others By the time I finish my song?

  • LilyDirus

    We´ve being ‘programmed’ for so long to act as everybody else, but now it´s time to get loose and think more creativey and upwards, and blue is the color for communication. So, communicate your creativity, be yourself and be happy! 

  • A very big change in our life. Transforming from a steady zone to something creative and new.

  • FrankieButler

    I thought online/offline. 

  • belowspotgold

    time management and innovation? :)

  • pangelis

    A backwards planning application

  • CynthiaACarreiro

    four types of to-do’s. The one thing that seems to be missing is easy classification of items so that the important get done first.  (urgent, unrgent/important, unrgent/not-important, and important). maybe one of the parts is tipped so that we realize it may somehow be a part (connect) of our lives, but not part of a congruent picture….. or it’s just an icon indicating that I am going to appear “off my rocker” to the group of professionals I introduced to Simpleology last week or the business class I introduced it to this morning.  When they go looking for and don’t find it, I’m sure my credibility will “fall off”. 

  • louismgreen

    One side  are Daily Targets, Dream Catcher, Mental Lockbox & Delegation Station (or their upgraded equivalents) available at a tiled glance.  The other side are Short/Medium/Long Term Focus, Trackers, Lists & Observations (or their upgraded equivalents) available at a tiled glance.

  • CynthiaACarreiro

    Ah ha! Four phases of life; Career, Relationships, Health, and Spirituality. 

  • Carissa Neuharth

    The first one represents your calendar as a full, the second one represents one day out of your calendar? i.e. today?

  • Charles Stigger

    Blue & White Square Guy: Ah, yes. You are now under my control.
    Frankie: I am now under your control.
    Blue & White Square Guy laughs;
    Frankie does monotone laughing.
    Blue & White Square Guy: Stop laughing.
    Frankie: Stop laughing.
    Blue & White Square Guy: Don’t repeat everything I say.
    Frankie: I won’t repeat everything you say.
    Blue & White Square Guy: Excellent.
    Frankie: Excellent.
    Blue & White Square Guy: Uh, did you just say “excellent” because I said “excellent”?
    Frankie: Uh, no.
    Blue & White Square Guy: Excellent.
    Frankie: Excellent.

  • llberry2000

    mobile app?

  • FateEnigma

    One side is the Universe complete.  The other side shows you’re doing it wrong.

  • Muttsy

    The white one is a smartphone icon for daily stuff, the blue one is the smartphone icon for bigger picture stuff.

  • Muttsy

    The blue one could possibly be the TARDIS as well.

  • Sk8rTot

    The new feature will allow you to manage multiple projects, giving you the option to breakout a project from your list of daily targets so you can focus on it with out all the clutter.

  • KeithAP

    Best guess: Harmonizing activities with your long-term focus.
    Also: Tracking and addressing activities that sabotage your focus.

  • parasdesai22

    Four Square Organizer..

  • ColinDodgson

    Or maybe it’s the new Core Course, Pack Rat 201, and the icons are for the How Not To Get Crushed By Falling Boxes In The Attic lesson.

  • CrystalsQuest

    Since tasks are the lifeblood of Simplology, and goals are the heart of it, I’m guessing it’s a new view of tasks that lets you match up whether your tasks are towards your short, medium or long term goals, and the fourth box – anything else – is the one that should be tipped over and emptied into the trash??? (or at least the ‘delegate’ pile)
    The background, naturally, is to hypnotise us into getting un-sleepy so we get stuck into them…

  • FateEnigma

    Synchronized / Unsychronized

  • Sk8rTot

    Could also be to breakout different parts of your life i.e. Job, Family, online business and so on.

  • ColinDodgson

    Tool for applying the DISC model to improve effectiveness in reaching goals. D in the top right quadrant stands for Directing: Get things done by taking on tasks with decisiveness and determination, overcoming barriers.
    Okay, play time’s over. Now I have to put the blocks back in the box and get on with my to do list.

  • Waynerowe

    Think outside the square

  • The white box represents things that have been organized and categorized already. The blue is what you are where you need to start.

  • WilliamBrant

    The 2 bigger boxes are larger goals and the 4 smaller boxes within are sub tasks to reach that goal, the tilted box is a task that’s in work

  • michielol

    The boxes stand for tasks you complete that together build a long-term goal.
    IN the left icon, all the tasks for the goal are completed, in the right icon, one task is still not completed, which is why it’s in a 45 degree angle and the boxes are still blue; when all are completed they will become white.

  • OK that is for sure!

  • michielol

    Or there are three man an one women, and the third guy’s got the foxy lady, and now the two lefties are all white from anger… and the other two… are just blue… don’t be racist…

  • jeffaimfire

    White boxes are targets for specific areas of your well being and personal targets to benefit yourself (i.e. Snowboard in the Himalayas). We’ll call those “Life Targets.”  The blue boxes are for extra-personal targets, (moving the company to a new office space) the diamond represents the highest priority and are revamped “Daily Targets.”

  • Mental lockbox, Daily targets, Dream Catcher, Delegation Station. Whichever you have open, it turns sideways. And/OR Longterm, short term, medium focus, and trackers — whichever you have open, it turns sideways, making it easier to navigate between all of them and can be done from your phone.
    On the other hand, it could be housing clusters where the builder went belly up and had one lot left. Someone came along who just dared to be different, driving the entire home owners association into such a tizzy that they sent so many notices to that individual that she glued them to the other houses in her area and painted them all blue during the night while everyone was asleep (with the help of some friends from out of town, of course). It turned out that the blue paint had this special shimmering quality to it and once the initial shock wore off, everyone loved it. They wanted to turn their house in different directions, too, and they ran the old home owners association board out of town! Then she shared that the whole thing was managed through her Simpleology account, including the Delegation Station, and everyone immediately signed up for Simpleology (under the new name, of course) and brought lots of great ideas to fruition in the neighborhood as a result. (For more on that story… :)

  • marjah99

    I don’t know – let me think about it.

  • poohwt01

    The first four boxes represent BROWSER ADD-ON, DAILY TARGETS,  DREAM CATCHER, & GET RESULTS.  The blue boxes represent the new items of NEWS,  - prioritization, PRODUCTIVITY,  REMINDERS, And the tilted one would be START MY DAY , cause we start each day with new goals, news &  we see these all through the Wimiki Windows shown above!  :o)    

  • Breaking goals into simple pieces that you can chunk down and take action on.

  • Saurnil

    left side: Mental lockboxright side: bring something from the Mental lockbox to the Daily targets 

  • JohnsonTan

    The four source of power: money, time, energy and…. Simpleology!!

  • poohwt01

    Now for the funny one the four white boxes represent the white collar workers, all going to work, all following the same mold.  The blue collar workers are represented by the blue boxes and as we see three of them are following the same work hard and you’ll get ahead mold too.  However the tilted one represents the 1- 2 % ers who have learned to think outside the box to create financial frrdom for their families by taking risks and actions that the other 99% are afraid to take.   As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “You may never know what results come from your action.  But if you do nothing there will be no result.”

  • marjah99

    Square foot gardening with a  twist?

  • when i was just a little boy my mother gave me four empty boxes…she said, “son, these boxes contain everything you will ever need to get through life”…
    …then she said, “be patient my son, next week i will show you how to open them”.

  • xpolan

    First feature is some quadrant theory tool. The second combines quadrant theory with a key decision represented by the diamond decision box.

  • EdithRusso

    I want Elite Free For A Whole Year!
    BTW- I have no idea, it’s a NEW feature and both icons represent it; seems like it would have to do with Major Focus, short term, medium and long term, with achievements being the askew box, but what’s new about that?  maybe the definition and tracking?  can’t wait to hear the answer!!!

  • marjah99

    Some kind of algorithm or flowchart outlining a process/system. 

  • marjah99

    A fourth source of power: Time, Energy, Money . . . and Knowledge

  • DavidTripos

    The two icons:

    1. Produce a report
    2. Filter the report

    David Estcourt Hughes

  • CherrySmithRolfs

    A visual way to plot out short, medium and long term goals.

  • The set on the left is my wife’s packing, the set on the left is mine. And I wonder why I can’t close the lid.
    Could be the 4 quadrant time management model from Steven Covey (who just died @ 79). Now Simpleology will allow us to categorize our list from that model focusing on Q2 stuff to do.

  • marjah99

    Represents the money-making systems: Employee; Self-Employed; Entrepreneurial; REal – where the entrepreneurial system is emphasized (represented by the rhombus in the blue diagram) because all other systems derive from it.

  • marjah99

    (4 White Squares) Former simpleology system vs (3 Blue Squares/1 Rhombus) Better, more advanced simpleology system with the rhombus representing a new moniker and attitude, but with the same strong foundation in keeping it simple.

  • AndrewMason

    Which 2 Icons – there are 8 icons and if you count the cartoon guy that makes 9 icons.  If I had to guess I would say the 4 white squares represent 4 white squares and the 3 blue squares represent 3 blue squares and the 1 tilted blue square represents 1 tilted blue square and the cartoon guy represents Mark Joyner.  Or it could be the White group is My Day and in that group is Start, Targets, Catcher & Lockbox and the Blue group is My Life and in that is Stuff, Focus, Trackers & Lists.  I’m also very certain the new, more pronounceable name is, “Simcomplexidogigolothismology”.    

  • waxmanjerry

    Simplify your perspective. Keep your mouth closed and open only one eye.

  • luzgarzon

    The black icon is the old simpleology and the blue one the new. One square doesn´t  match representing a new way to make the things, not following standars.

  • Esmart

    The white icon represents a standard order or approach for everyone; the blue icon signifies the same strengths as the first, but with a dynamic, unique personalised twist that allows the program to be more customisable.

  • RyanHart

    The two icons we’re created to generate new ideas for features you could add from a flood of comments.

  • Hi
    Is it looking at traditional ways of doing things then we take another look at a new approach by thinking outside the box which will give us a more direct,quicker and efficiant outcome ?

  • KuldeepSingh1

    Good strategy mark ;) to get ideas (name) or making your idea better, an approach to see if your new logo/icons are making sense to user.I call it your backward planning for reborn Simpleology. ……… Kuldeep “GOT IT RIGHT” Singh 

  • JacksonTsai

    The square boxes represents four major life focuses (i.e. Finance, Family, Fitness, and Friends) where the goal is the balance them.

  • Mark Jones

    Oh  Mark Joyner , you’re such a tease! :-D
    The only thing I can guess right now is the white four boxes represent something fixed and the blue boxes represent something customizable (the turned square) or accept the default settings (the three other squares). Now the only thing I can almost fit into that is the ability to categorize our targets as relating to time, energy or money, or a user-defined label (a feature request I submitted). However, I would then not know of the significance of the four white normal squares so I am doubtful that is correct.
    Ooh, this is going to be bugging me all day! Please say we don’t need to wait a few months to get the answer!!!

  • Ozren

    Could it be so simple as done and undone tasks?

  • Elzsabeth

    4 white squares, default view, blue squares , customized view .
    OR    4 white squares free version, 4 blue squares elite version ..
    OR this is a  Simpleology 4 hand poker game for members to play after their brains have been dumped.
    The new name: 
    ‘Simple for Dummies’   or
    ‘The Simple Life’    or
    Simple All La La Gee  (easier to pronounce)

  • suhadolniktilen

    Get it done right!

  • andrzejm007

    there is no doubt – this new functionality is for enlightening important and not urgent things in Eisenhower matix

    • Mark Jones

      It could well have something to do with the Eisenhower Matrix but why the emphasis on the top right blue square? Could it be that there is something significant about Important/Not Urgent targets that Mark is going to tell us? What could it be?
      Could it be something to do with this?:
      Look at the yellow box. The article seems to be saying that people often choose the wrong prioritization after Important/Urgent. That could be what the twisted box represents in the blue diagram.

      • andrzejm007

         @Mark Jones
         that’s right – I often tend to do urgent tasks, but I should do “important/NOT urgent” as often as possible. It would be kind of investment to the future.

    • Mark Jones

       @andrzejm007 Another guess is, according to some, the top right square of the Eisenhower Matrix are “Important/Not Urgent” targets you should schedule. Perhaps it represents the new scheduling software the Mark has said is coming to the WebCockpit?

    • Mark Jones

       Also look at It definitely seems to fit in with the Do It, Deliberate It, Schedule It, Delegate It, or Dump It methods already present in Simpleology so why not incorporate this four-square paradigm into Simpleology completely?

      • andrzejm007

        Hello Mark, thank you for comments! My impression is that in day-to-day practice I have very important tasks and trivial tasks mixed. I would like to see visual difference between the two groups. And squares looked for me like matrix :)

  • livefyre new features wild guesses.
    2 icons related to 1 purpose.
    white represents empty 4 section task?
    blue represents completed and finalized ?
    alternatively white is for dummies who just learned to stack cubes and blue is for advanced freestylee cube stacking

  • heffernank

    A man goes to his mentor feeling frustrated and says “I need some ideas!… I need to be able to think outside of the box”, and his mentor replies “what box?”  
    The answer to the icons question is inherent in in this!

  • the first icon represents your simpeology before you let your 4 year old onto the computer, the second is afterward – “There you go daddy! Made it pretty for you!!!” – “ahhs that’s Great sweetie – but I don’t quite remember having that task down in my delegation station….”

  • ChipStamp

    It’s the ‘square peg – round hole’ application… it helps you deal with life despite being convinced you just don’t fit in to any predetermined categories granted to us by the western media, right??!!? 

  • Mower

    Be there or be square.

  • ssaylor123

    The four white boxes are the currant system….centered, orderly,all ducks in a row. The new blue boxes say we are still centered, orderly, all ducks in a row but now we are going to stand this box on its head. HANG ON!!!!

  • commenttt

    My guess is that the icon on the left represents the building blocks to getting what you want in life and first introduced by a company formally known as Simpleology. It is necessary to keep this awesome package of functionality intact because some people still demand a little extra comlexity to their already complicated life, namely the pronuciation of the company formally know as Simpleology. The icon on the right, the one with the skewed block, represents a new breakthrough in the simple science of getting what you want. Clearly this breakthrough needed to be addressed with a new ‘cooler’ set of functionalites and a new name to replace the one formerly known as Simpleology. I won’t guess what the new name could be for legal reasons, but hey it’s a cool symbol and that’s okay too. P.S. here in Ireland when someone gives something away there’s always an expectation that the giver is gonna announce “and there’s one for everyone in the audience”.. And that would be super cool.

  • Dan McMullen

    A feature that allows daily targets, dream catcher, mental lockbox and delegated tasks to be directly attributable to parts of all your major focuses (short, mid and long term) and trackers.
    You can break down these major focuses into smaller actionable tasks and each task can then be added to your daily targets which then affect these focuses when checked off on the list.
    Useful when planning a year or more in advance.
    This would make it more widespread targeting and less linear as it is now, a bit like shooting at a “shoot the duck” fairground game with a shotgun as opposed to a BB gun.
    It will have a more quantum effect on your plans and give weight to your overall plan.
    You should call it the Higgs Feature.

  • The 1st 4 white boxes is Coors light as it sits on a shelf, doing nothing. The 4 blue boxes represent COLD Coors Light and I am taking the 1st one out, as I am sitting on a beach, having completed 4 of my goals and this is my reward!

  • tristan_hawktalon

    A feature where you can mindmap your thoughts and projects.

  • hamadm1

    The tasks in the important/not urgent, is completed.

  • xlr8head

    Must be connected to the MIME protocol, so an upgrade to add mime functionality maybe.
    But why white and slighlty different blue?
    Maybe a free, white version, and an all-singing-all dancing, blue pro version?

  • DanniB1990

    Simpleology is going to make you pay for it’s services, it was even on CNN, but if you tell all your friends about it, your icon will turn blue and you wont have to pay?

    • Mark Jones

      Haha good one!
      Just in case nobody gets it, I should point out that this is a joke based on a joke based on a popular Facebook viral prank/hoax. So DON’T tell your friends about it! (You can’t be too careful, as demonstrated by how virulent this was on Facebook for several months!)

  • LuisTex

    Tipping Point
    As I think it would be very appropriate in what we all are trying to achieve. 

  • Junior83

    It’s a feature that checks your goals and life purpose and draws a systemic map, revealing hidden connections between both. Or maybe it is a feature that gives you daily insights about “outside the box” things. 

  • hamadm1

    Start my day normal or with mindmap

  • hamadm1

    Start my day normal or with flow chart

  • hamadm1

    Free start my day, pro and or  elite start my day

  • kseniakoud

    My guess (and hope!) is that those blocks is a preview of a build in feature of puzzle games, like in Lomosity! A daily puzzle and different brain games.

  • gurrjulian

    This looks like you are integrating the time management quadrants Stephen Covey (RIP) mentions into your system, with quadrant 2 (the important but not urgent things in life) being emphasised by its different orientation on the right. As Covey puts it, it’s a feature intended to help us put ‘first things first’ consistently in our lives by getting the ‘big rocks’ in place first.

  • lyrelprice

    Tipping Point

  • RonBellSkyhut

    Featuring an EDGE UP to Going from ZERO to FULL Throttle – and a Uniquely Fulfilled Life

  • RobertFranklin

    New beginnings, find your diamond in the rough, how to turn your square life into a diamond life, one quarter turn to the right changes it all; thanks  -Robert

  • Chiraag

    Its a new feature that allows you to rise up and obtain Moksha from the enlightenment you get from using this awesome system :)

  • GregH12

    My guess is that it is called “Mind Quadrant” or “Quadrant Mind”

  • cabuccola

    You’re going to put first things first in order to empower people.  “By attending to one’s personal responsibilities first, an individual is better positioned to shoulder collective responsibilities.” Perhaps by taking care of what is important first will free up time for when urgent matters present themselves.   A new way of thinking and prioritizing. 

  • RyanHart

    Process mapping?

  • xlr8head

    I meant HIME – “Hi Impact, Minimum Effort”, of course.
    Although MIME – “Maximum Impact, Minimum Effort” also works
    “Must be connected to the MIME protocol, so an upgrade to add mime functionality maybe.
    But why white and slighlty different blue?
    Maybe a free, white version, and an all-singing-all dancing, blue pro version?”

  • xlr8head

    … or even “High Impact, Minimal Effort”, to be correct.
    Damn that texting shorthand.

  • GregGerstler

    Balance in your life

  • GregGerstler

    Balance in your life.

  • Four quadrants from 7 habits

  • SheilaCrosby

    Build your awesome new life with Lego blocks!

  • artimarina

    nonconcentrically tweakable

  • artimarina


  • JorgeGaloMedina

    Mind blocks listing (4) and Mind Blocks eliminating  

  • You can buy the whole course, OR you can buy one module at a time!

  • realintmark

    The left is what’s working in your life that you want to keep. The right is what you need to tweak to get you where you want to go.

  • JorgeGaloMedina

    Mental Blocks (left)  Mental Unblocking (right)

  • imq3

    I’m no square I’m a diamond

  • hamadm1

    There will be a market for applications and plugins for wimiki and the web

  • hamadm1

    We will be able to install applications from simpleology market, either from simpleology developers, or open market, any developer can list his app or plugin.

  • hamadm1


  • NathanaelAyling

    the icons represent breaking tasks down into manageable steps and taking one step at a time

  • Waynerowe

    No Boundaries

  • HappyAshwin

    Tools to stay focused on your task.

  • Plan and prioritize tasks so that only the tasks that are important are completed (without distraction) before becoming urgent and causing stress and overwhelm. Little time is then spent on other areas of your life that become the distraction. 

  • Features that will help you market your websites.

  • mpb

    Can this be some sort of a technique of dealing with large tasks…. Deviding it in blocks…sort of one step at a time?..that would be a good feature )))

  • JCcusack

    Select one of my key objectives to work on!
     Alternatively its a reminder, “If I don’t put these storage boxes in the garage I will have no room in the house”

  • The main point here is the point of view. You may see four squares, window, or three squares and rhombus, or broken window, or random squares. You will see what you want. The main question is what you want.

  • JCcusack

    We do new a ‘new button’ which is not ‘deliberate then schedule’ but ‘put into my long finger box’ and one day a week I have to take one of my long fingered items out of the box and put into the ‘Do it now’ category. Because I want this feature I am going to say this icon means what I want !

  • NashR

    It will change the way we treat important/urgent tasks.

  • First set of squares represent the… Daily Targets Practice CUBEs  -&&&&- Second set represent the UNFINISHED Daily Targets Practice CUBEs
    For the fun part… The square that cannot sit in place, is because it has hemorroids….  SMILE:-)

  • Blocks!
    Block out your projects, Block out your time, and  Chunk you tasks. They’re Building Blocks that you can use to build your dreams!
    Don’t be a Blockhead… Get your Building Blocks out of your head and onto paper!!!
    Jimmy Z

  • Building blocks and decisions to made leading to more building blocks for what you need to do to succeed.

  • Gloria_S

    Thinking outside the box? 
    Or maybe changing one thing in your environment/attitude about the problem to force you to look at your problem in a new way in order to yield better insights and thus come to a solution?

  • speekpeep8

    How the icons in an app will work

  • HalYzakami

    Feeling blocked? Focus on that block!

  • DianaHeit

    Blue: Sub-goals that are part of solving a problem and completing a goal, but don’t really fit together.
    White: Sub-goals that do fit together.

  • BDan

    Background of the icons represent keeping the ultimate vision in my mind and this vision influence on the work with tools pictured by two icons. Both white and blue helps to achieve goal. White represent tools for major stuff. Blue is dynamic, it is tool for work like trackers, lists. They stand integrated and work together for the ultimate goal.

  • MaryLearning

    White squares – priorities for different aspects
    Blue squares – the ones you’re working on today
    The blue diamond – the first one you’re working on

  • Simon Thomas

    The two sets of boxes represent the Eisenhower Method, named after President Eisenhower, which is a matrix where all All tasks are evaluated using the criteria important/unimportant and urgent/not urgent and put in according quadrants. The rotated box in the upper right corner of the blue set of boxes represents the Important, but not urgent tasks, because these are the tasks that one should focus. As is attributed to Eisenhower, What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important. The two new features will be (1) A way to sort tasks according to the Eisenhower Method and (2) A feature that will then hide all tasks that are not Important and Not Urgent (And potentially Important and Urgent when needed). 
    NB: This methodology is incorrectly attributed to the late Stephen Covey, but he merely popularized it. Like many of the concepts that Covey popularized, he never attributed them to their originators, as he felt that this was Not Important and/or Not Urgent, and so left the attribution of his ideas in these boxes his entire life. In fact, Mark Joyner actually came up with these concepts before Covey or Eisenhower, but like many of Joyner’s concepts, he never was given popular attribution. Yes, I know that you may claim that Eisenhower was alive before Joyner, but that is merely because Joyner has been using the concepts in ‘Simpleology 303: The Simple Science of Anti-Aging’ to extend his life far beyond normal people. In fact, Mark Joyner is the oldest person living on the earth currently at 803 years old. For the unitiated those two sets of boxes do represent the ‘Joyner method for prioritization,’ but for those who have taken Simpleology 303, they know that these are in fact alchemical symbols that are the keys to reversing aging and possibly living forever, the long sought after Philosopher’s Stone. You may say that there is no such thing as Simpleology 303, but this is simply because you don’t have the secret login given only to the Super Elite Simpleology members. In fact, Simpleology will soon be rebranded The Answer, because it will solve lifes most vexing question. These elite courses will be uber expensive at $100,000 a month, and only Billionaires like Richard Branson will sign up, but those who are currently Elite members of Simpleology will be grandfathered in, as they know what is truly Important. Thank you, Simon.

    • Mark Jones

       @Simon Thomas This easily gets my vote for the funniest comment so far! Nice one. Haha :-)

    • MarkJoyner

       @Simon Thomas now *that* was funny … and a little creepy haha

    • MarkJoyner

       @Simon Thomas now *that* was funny … and a little creepy haha

    • RossAMyers

       @Simon Thomas I agree, WINNER: Funniest.

  • Thinking outside the box???
    ha ha ha

  • commenttt

    How about planning on the left and doing the plan on the right?

  • Rebooting is always a good thing! In fact, that’s part of the concept of simpler living in my experience – shedding what no longer is useful, refining the things that are, adding something new as things become more clear. Kudos and congrats!!! 

  • Milagros

    I first bumped into this model through a course called “Your Time and Your Life” sold by Daytimers corporation, the analog version of Steve Covey’s Prioritization method. In it you prioritize tasks from A through D, A being the high priority items, B being Important items, C being items of some importance, and D being those items you really don’t have to do. The blue square that is rotating off the plane of the cube is actually the D tasks, and the blue represents those tasks from the white squares that have been prioritized. You can procrastinate indefinitely on the D’s but it sure is helpful to figure out what those are at the outset, as well as determining the absolute A* (the A Star) at the beginning of each day: this is the item that will have the most impact on your desired outcome(s). It is not always easy to determine but the process of sorting tasks in this way will help you to generate ideas about how best to accomplish this and help you experience a sense of your own mastery. 

  • xlr8head

    And, given the HIME connection, I’d also guess that the top right hand corner of the blue group, being where your attention should be focussed – on the tasks with the Highest Impact, Minumum Effort, is a diamond shape specifically to help you focus on those. The high value diamondon connotation, plus the differentiation by the shape.
    Still wondering about the white and blue though. Not sure if my first guess of regular vs Elite is anywhere close. Could be those Power (vs regular) Features you mention, especially given your use of a similar colour in the cartoon. Or could it be that the progress to the power features will be available to everybody, and they are evolving from white (current/regular) to blue (future/power)?

  • xlr8head

    And maybe the new name is based on the HIME acronym.
    A play on HIME rhyming with “I’m”, like HIMEProductive?

  • ChrisCollings

    Hi Mark,
    Too busy getting on with things that matter to comment (Thank you ;-)).

  • GregGerstler

    I believe that the first paragraph contains two words that are part of the answer – “right” and “life” and combined with one additional word, completes the answer. SIMPLE

  • KerrynBennett

    Hi Mark I’m guessing Diamond Blueprint, perhaps a name of a feature, but I’m not quite sure what it is. If I were doing a cryptic crossword this would be my guess. Hey Mark, I love Simpleology with or without the changes. I recommend to everyone to use this awesome tool to simplify their lives to the max
    - Keep up the great work!

  • stiznef


  • OmryMan

    Without a doubt…
    This is Mark’s greatest invention yet.
    A true blessing to the world. Finally a remedy to a growing populationof outcasts, a suffering population of  individuals who practice things unimaginable to some,things that would make you skin crawl and your stomach turn…
    There I said it… SUDOKU ADDICTS    $#@!  …..       Salvation is yours.
    With these new features you will be able to finally rid yourself
    of this heinous habit and once again use the toilet for the purpose god intended. 
    Thank you Mark for this gracious wonderful gift.  

  • poohwt01

    I thought mine was funny but OmryMan yours is hilarious!!  ( Ok I’ll admit I’m hooked on Sudoku and there was some truth to your statement but it was great!! ILMAO, dropped the sudoku book & almost fell off the toilet!!)

  • Dan McMullen

    Updated Lists and/or trackers with deadline setting?

  • speekpeep8

    Daily Targets and Dreamcatcher.

  • speekpeep8

    Inputting chaos and outputting clarity.

    •  @speekpeep8 My fav so far :)

      • speekpeep8

         @Diamond Matt Thank you, Matt!

  • Steve Valley Cansdale

    In order
    Getting order
    Cube squared
    Cube squaring

  • speekpeep8

    Daily Targets and Braindump…
    Braindump and Lockbox…
    Confusion in, Clarity Out…

  • NikolaKindRad

    New feature might be Projects?

  • runsamok

    This is a sign that Lex Luthor really created Simpleology and is now taking over the real world! Did anyone else get a Lex Luthor vibe from the guy presenting the changes? Mark Joyner, I’ve found out your secret identity! 

  • Preda

    Mehh I can’t get any idea of what they might represent. So I’ll just bank this comment on the chance of getting a random pick. If that happens here’s my email address for easier rewarding: :P  Ugh, ok I’ll give it a try. The white squares symbolize the morning brain dump items and the blue squares are the daily target items.

  • Dan McMullen

    New “Stuff I want” and Major Focus feature?  Breaking them down into actionable parts?

  • Nathanael

    What new can still come from simpleology after all the changes and improvements in the recent future. it must have to do with goals so that one can have more than one goal for short term goals at least.

  • SteveZellers

    This comment will win for accuracy as well as humor:
    The background is from the Xray specs we all bought as kids so we could see through girls’ clothes.  (Go figure, it didn’t work)
    The white squares symbolize order done the way it should be.  (in a non creative sense) The blue squares represent a new way of organizing for those of us who are not completely linear. 
    I’m also envisioning Steven Covey’s quadrants with Quadrant #2 (Important, but not urgent) being popped out to symbolize it’s significance.
    It would be great if the tool centered around that with ways to help make Quadrant 2 activities take priority.  That’s where life really happens, as well as success and fulfillment.
    Thanks for reading…now how do I get my free year of Elite?
    Go Mark Go!

  • zayproctor

    foundation and restructure

  • jwr

    maybe they represent exercises to keep our brains sharp. The white ones for the exercises we have done and the blue for those not yet attempted.

  • RossAMyers

    White Boxes: Organized/Status Quo
    Blue   Boxes: Change/Progress

  • gavjoewill

    White boxes to keep you on track, blue boxes to help you think outside the box.

  • speekpeep8

    New app icons representing modules of Simpleology you choose, adapted for mobile. Also some new spin on the DTP. 

  • pcanywhere

    1: clarity and focus
    2: out of the box

  • phillipjerdon

    Stephen Covey’s Quadrant II.

  • (Sigh). Until you give us the answer, I’m going to have to keep on trying to guess.
    A new function for the backward planner app on the major focus/my life section. You can add deadlines and timescales to backward planner tasks which auto add directly to Daily Targets.

  • speekpeep8

    Twitter and Facebook apps. Social media integration. Linked In, etc. An app that lets you manually use icons on a touch screen to organize targets. 

  • speekpeep8

    The white and blue squares are for integrating your Simpleology Targets locally.  So if one of my Targets is to get a job in my town, this will integrate with local listings as I set it up. Or if I buy pet food for my cat in my town, it will show up on my smartphone or tablet’s Simpelology interface with geo-location looking it up and from there you can get directions. Then when you walk into the store it will note this (as with Foursquare and similar apps) and if you have automatic logging of purchases or photo-receipt logging, it will note this as well and check off your target box as well, as having been done. Or if I need to go to the post office, bank, or library, there will be a way to set these up for integration as well. This will show up, also, on the home interface (laptop, etc.)

  • speekpeep8

    Also, Simpelology members will be able to interact with each other and help each other hit their Targets, like people can do on Fitocracy.

  • speekpeep8

    The background is the geo-location and the “looking for” people for Systems Leverage for people, businesses, others with similar interests on Simpleology and through the larger networks of social media. Ping…ping….ping…
    I kinda like the X-Ray Specs idea, though.

  • speekpeep8

    Neurogizer apps

  • GregGerstler

    The new feature filters your thoughts, ideas and to-dos in “Start My Day” by sorting them according to the four quadrants of the Time Management Matrix (The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey) and aligning those thoughts, ideas and to-dos that help you achieve your goals with Quadrant II (Not Urgent But Important), the heart of effective personal management. The feature will help you maintain a proper balance of your “Daily Targets” to effectively achieve the “Stuff I Want.”

  • GregGerstler

    Or alternatively, the new feature is based on Habit 7, “Sharpen the Saw” (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey). “Sharpen the Saw” means having a balanced program for self-renewal in the four areas of your life: physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual.  The feature will help you renew yourself in each of the four areas by using “Start My Day” to manage activities to help you maintain a program for self-renewal in the four areas of “My Life.”

  • Sk8rTot

    Scheduled tasks, the white orderly squares mean no scheduled tasks are ready but the blue with the skewed square means you have scheduled tasks to do.

  • StephenBarrett

    Thinking outside the square/box

  • MohdLatiffRahim

    Eating the box

  • SusanKennedy

    I like the ideas that it has to do with moving goals forward and multiple quadrants. But they are both have so much in common that perhaps they represent where you are now, and where you want to be.

  • jayrobertson11

    The unbalanced square shows the singularity of thinking or individuality of seeing reality. The 2 set of 4 squares is the transformation from one state to another, with the other having the doted singularity obtained. 4 squares defenitely give more stability than triangles or circles. Nevertheless squares are still giving the idea of frames, not “order”, so I like the idea of something sticking out – that I rather see as singularity. Blue is often associated with lenguage/words/communication/flow/sequence/progress – just first thoughts..YR

  • steffekova

    Poeple goes out from his fear and starting a business, has not enough money for living every day, but he/she goes on and on even if him scare everyone laugh his plans and everyone say you are only a dreamer….. Whit good idea full of courage he /she work hard on the Plane, schedule…….After that   over the years built a foundation stone and the last square is a symbol of victory over myself and years of effort over fear. Victory, when he ceased to be afraid to change the plan and went to swell and distributed work, the joy, the love, the dignity of every human being on this earth. Joy is a world without war, a full work conditions, dignified existence. long live the one that is brave. Victory belongs to him ………….IŠ

  • GarthBradley

    Square peg. Square hole. Building blocks.

  • wkahn001

    Turning the Magic Quadrant on its ear…

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