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What is Simpleology? Part IV

(continued from Part Parts III, III)

What is Simpleology? - Part 2


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  1. David Turner says:

    That brings us to what?

  2. catricala says:

    Wow… this is exciting, look forward to use it right away :-)

  3. waxmanjerry says:

    sticky habits?

  4. kjoel007 says:

    Very well said, its the simple daily habits that make all the difference, looking forward to what you have next… :)

  5. AviNahir says:

    The next issue of this series? :)

  6. Mark Jones says:

    You’ve successfully piqued my interest. Hope I don’t have to wait too long for the answer! :)

  7. Daedalus51 says:

    I think I have to stick. To good habits…

  8. cavelady2 says:

    New “actions” take about 21 consistent days to become a real habit.

  9. AndrewMason says:

    Do, Re, Me, Fa, So, La, Ti, Doe ……..

  10. SeanDelaware says:

    Guess how many days it takes to change a bad habit?

  11. crisstar says:

    Society is so used to things being instantaneous that a lot of  people don’t have the wherewithal to know that it takes time and effort to impact change. You can’t just buy a business or buy into a business and expect to become a millionaire overnight nor can you just purchase a system or a training and then expect change to happen to you without you putting forth some kind of effort. If there is one common theme in Simpleology it’s this – you must take ACTION to improve your life.

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