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The Story of Dreu – Episode 3 (The Real Limitless Pill)

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I put together a little guide for you chock full of biohacking shortcuts called Do-It-Yourself Nanotech Super Nutrients.  This is some pretty edgy stuff I learned as part of the underground biohacking movement in Silicon Valley.  It goes way beyond what you’ll find in the more popular biohacking blogs and books.

It also includes the bonus guides:  Nanotech Detoxes and Reverse-Engineering the Limitless Pill.  Learn the very latest info about next-generation “nootropics” and electronic devices biohackers are using to boost their intelligence.   (Hint:  it isn’t about Modafnil.  That’s so last year …)

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  1. MitchMendoza says:

    Bleeding edge as always.

  2. MitchMendoza says:

    There’s too much great information compiled in one place here at Simpleology. I sincerely hope my competitors never find it.

  3. BretRoyster says:

    Mark… why are you so cool? haha.  
    I seriously love everything you put out man.
    I’ve always been interested in nootropics and biohacking, but haven’t spend enough time diving into it… simpleology to the rescue…  I’m always packin’ Blue Redbull and B complex pills… maybe its time for an upgrade?  I was initially attracted to the Bulletproof Coffee.Thanks again – this stuff SOOOO rocks.

    • Mark Joyner says:

      @BretRoyster nice, glad you’re likin’ it.  I’d drop the Red Bull completely and stick with the Bulletproof Coffee.  Carbonation + caffeine is no bueno.

      • BretRoyster says:

        @Mark Joyner I’ll take your word for it on the Red Bull, but I have to admit my brain’s initial reaction is “not my Red Bull!”… So apparently I might have a habit there to break.  What’s the negative effect of Carbonation and caffeine anyway?  That might be  a good place to start.

        • Mark Joyner says:

          @BretRoyster Many think that carbonation in general causes calcium depletion which can hasten osteoporosis … Some think that this only happens when the carbonated beverage is caffeinated.  ( )  Personally, I stay away from all carbonated beverages just to be safe.  For a while there I was drinking non-carbonated RockStars (RockStar Recovery) instead of RebBull, but I’ve cut those as well.  What is the long term effect of all of those additives?  Bulletproof Coffee is a much better alternative across the board, IMO.

        • Mark Joyner says:

          @BretRoyster BTW, I strongly disagree with the above study’s conclusions about milk displacement.

        • bkendirci2 says:

          @Mark Joyner  @BretRoyster IMO milk displacement is necessary lactose is no good in the long run

        • Mark Joyner says:

          @bkendirci2  @BretRoyster Exactly.

  4. s_imber says:

    Very interested in seeing this info – could be something good

  5. terrybritton says:

    This is how you make us “Elite” members actually get our money’s worth and ACT like “Elite” members, eh? Always stretching me just a bit further!

    • Mark Joyner says:

      @terrybritton You got it, old chap.  We’re going to throw at you so many things systematically designed to unleash your inner awesome that you will have no choice but to become great.  This is just the beginning of a veritable onslaught.   Meanwhile, keep moving towards that Black Belt.  Once you have that, it’s crazy cool – but it gets even cooler …

  6. David Whitby says:

    Regarding ECT. This is a serious treatment for serious depression. It is in fact safer than medication for elderly patients. It is the fastest way of helping seriously suicidal patients recover quickly.
    As a psychiatrist, I have been using this teatment for many years. The key is accurate diagnosis and patient selection. Modern treatment is nothing like “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest.”

    • Mark Joyner says:

      @David Whitby Thanks, for chiming in, David.  Great to hear from a professional about this.  I imagine the memory loss and other potential problems are voltage and duration dependent as well?  And that there’s an optimal range where the therapeutic effect is greatest and the risk is significantly lower?

  7. sdreinhart1975 says:

    With as often as this subject has come up between us I was waiting for you to publish something like this… great to see it here.

  8. Mark Joyner says:

    @wesleychang2005 Tim is right that the distinctions are not always useful.  But then again sometimes they are.  A whole herb that comes loaded with all of its natural cofactors, and as yet undiscovered components, is very different from a compound that has been reduced/extracted from a natural substance.  This distinction doesn’t always mean one is better than the other, but it’s useful to know nonetheless.   Lumping them all as “drugs” gives less info, not more.  We need distinctions as long as they are meaningful and relevant.

  9. Mark Joyner says:

    @RR73 ”Test and re-test …” Someone is a Dr. Kelly Starrett fan.

  10. Mark Joyner says:

    @wesleychang2005 Hey Wesley, that’s the theory, but I wouldn’t go try that without copious research first.  You don’t know which of the components will actually be encapsulated.  And you don’t know what the effects will be of a radical increase in the amount that gets into the bloodstream.  Encapsulation is tantamount to a dosage increase.  Remember that something that is inert or beneficial in one dose can be deadly in another.  As I said throughout both of those documents:  proceed with extreme caution and seek professional advice.

  11. Mark Joyner says:

    @wesleychang2005 BTW, you acknowledge that with your “assuming that” – but felt it needed to be emphasized :-)  One of the main points of producing those documents was to shake up these industries.

  12. BroAmos says:

    @MitchMendoza nice guys

  13. biohacker says:

    Has anybody looked at alchemical spagyrics as a biohack?  Its approach is different than the approach of most medicines, i won’t get into that now (alchemy).   The most important difference that I wanted to bring up is the mineral salts from the plant body or mineral body that are added back to the tincture.  Plant salts created for this medicine carry the minerals of the plant in a purified but not chemically alterned form, in the natural colloidal state that the plant created as it digested the soil’s metallic minerals into oligo-minerals which we can absorb.

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