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Dreu’s Last Stand

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  1. jillbinder says:

    Yes please, more Dreu!

  2. jan_moss says:

    I like to read about Dreu – it’s a coffee break moment!

  3. says:

    Dude!  NOT COOL!  ;-)  Bring back Dreu!

  4. RichardL says:

    Yes, want to know how the story ends.

  5. barryn says:

    I’d like to hear more. The first parts launched me on exploration of biohacking, bulletproof coffee, and ketogenic diet. It’s been an interesting experiment. Thanks.

  6. MarylinSanchez says:

    I’d like to hear more. I want to know how the story ends! Please.

  7. ChfGh0st says:

    Thank you Dreu for setting me down the road into finding out more about biohacks, and the future of enhanced performance.  It would be great to read the real end of your story, but if you do not have time, energy, or interest to inform us……..I understand and the point of the story has already been made.  I am becoming my own SuperMan!  Thanks Mark and team!!

  8. JoseBerrios says:

    Are you kidding me.  Bring Dreu back!!  she has started me in an adventure starting with bulletproof coffee, biohacks, etc.   Very exciting stuff.

  9. Birdsong777 says:

    Dreu is great…Bring her back…!!!!

  10. EdithReyntiens says:

    What happened, what did I miss?

  11. I like the story and would like to see it continue. I appreciate it! However, I want it to be a bit better. It is often confusing and/or doesn’t have enough detail or understanding. It feels like there are gaps in the story. I’ve been going through the daily trainings, so there are features mentioned that I don’t know of yet. I don’t fully understand how she has gotten where she is, or in other words…what I need to be doing.
    Otherwise it still has been great and motivating. The story also a good way to engage with us and remind us.

  12. DeiseViegas says:

    Continue please!

  13. Branimir says:


  14. LesGordon says:

    Keep her going please Mark
    with Gratitude

  15. tonylotven says:

    more please. thank you.

  16. missionaryman says:

    If Dreu can do it, so can you.

  17. gilbertstudios says:

    yes, mark! keep going…love it all.

  18. MikeLeavitt says:

    Give me more Dreu.

  19. drajstrauss says:

    What else is there?

  20. Aydan says:

    I hope this isn’t the end for Dreu…

  21. carthegis says:

    Please don’t let a yellow belt alone… Come back Dreu… Please !

  22. JewellPountney says:

    How does the story really end?

  23. mafra1 says:

    Dreu is great, I want to know how the story ends.

  24. MrGrokNRoll says:

    Tell us. Please.

  25. MaryMorgan says:

    oh come on mark, nobody really believes this happily ever after stuff… anyway what I really want to know is why is she called Dreu?

  26. Rafael0mar says:

    jajajaja yes, tell us the dirty stuff in between, thats interesting? i didn’t even remenber i never found out why shes called dreu, tilll i read some comment. DUDE.. Mark.. c;mon spit ti out

  27. shmayad says:

    Never liked “educational” stories, and this one is no different. Boring. Expected, and serving the writer rather than the reader.

  28. sunrise_overme says:

    It’s fun and inspiring. As far as educational stories go, this one is entertaining. We all know the story serves the purpose of illustrating the need that Simpleology fills, but it also helps us see more clearly the need to focus, etc. This helped me understand more as I went through the first training month.After the story of Dreu is complete, you might consider another story/characters that show more detail or educate on a different point that you want Simpleology to be known for. Or maybe Dreu begins to teach others who come after her.

  29. FredInuk says:

    Please continue!!! I love that story!!!

  30. klapoehn says:

    Yes, I would love to know how she accomplished all of this!

  31. RadDad says:

    Keep the episodes coming, please.

  32. gcallantii says:

    I agree. I think Dreu should stay, I found out about the biohacks as well because of Dreu, and some other things that I had not been able to discover from the training alone. I do agree with Christine though, that it should be explained better, “how she got to where she was.” I also feel like there are a few holes in the story that we are supposed to “fill-in” or assume what happened.

  33. PhilipSchwartz says:

    I like the Dreu story and would like to hear more.

  34. dee75 says:

    Yes please. Want more Dreu! :-)

  35. KennethStrauss says:

    Just not interested but I thought I would comment

  36. GeoffMcNeely says:

    You see, in 3 years, when new customers come to learn about simpleology and are drawn to the comics and then THEY STOP, you’ll have a ton of pissed off non-converting customers!
    Of course you’ve got to finish the story!!!

  37. sairwin says:

    Please, keep telling us about Dreu!

  38. MilesHennis says:

    I already know the end… I married her and now I never have to work again, much less, even think about working or earning money. We have soooo much money we’ll never spend it all :)
    Dreu’s Beau

  39. RonaldDoherty says:

    Not a big fan of comics as an instructional tool, but do love those high-speed cartoon type presentations in place of PowerPoint.
    I do love the daily training and am now working on Green Belt – this has been very useful, could do with some tip summaries at the end of each belt.

  40. WinkJones says:

    @JewellPountney Does it end?  I think not!

  41. terrybritton says:

    Heck yeah – bring on the rest of the story!
    However… let’s get real — how about a real human, who has moments of weakness and self-doubt? Who needs friends and supporters, even if from online, in order to keep up her courage and resolve? Who needs mentors, role models, heros and heroines who faced what she is facing? Whose best laid plans fail so she has to pick herself up again, put back the pieces into a new arrangement or synthesize a more innovative idea, and get going with that as her next step? Who needs to tap on other’s brilliance and reward them for their contributions?
    Simpleology users live in that real world, and Dreu has the seeds of being an icon for so many supportive and powerful memes. I’d like to see her continue in that role!

  42. speekpeep8 says:

    I’d like to see how the story ends!

  43. TeddyStanowski says:

    finish it!!! we do not want a no conclusion fatality xD… been playing old school mk all day so yeah…

  44. stevenrshaw says:

    I always looked forward to a new update to Drue’s story, so yeah I’m in.

  45. nosheepzone says:

    not interested – would prefer you focus on delivering updates to the product we can use. the number of features delivered on the feature request list does not seem to be moving.

  46. Mark Joyner says:

    @nosheepzone They’re not mutually exclusive, actually.  The updates are happening at the same rate whether we let you know about them via a textual blog post or a cartoon.  The cartoons are always based around new things we’re releasing.  As for the feature request list, we’re constantly satisfying those requests.  Some of them we release, some we save up for larger releases (for example 5.5 which is due next).  It should also be noted that feature requests are only part of the decision process of “what gets built next.”  An important part of the process, but only part.  If we satisfied every request the software would become incoherent quite quickly.  The request has to be congruent with the overall vision of development, of course.

  47. AmyKing says:

    Please finish her story.  I do look forward to it–even though I don’t always read it the first day I see the blurb.

  48. MerlMiller says:

    Hey. I’m not bored. This is like tearing the last 50 pages out of a book. What happens?

  49. MerlMiller says:

    @MaryMorgan I like happy ever after stories. I’ve been married to a redhead for 37 years.

  50. dmeier104 says:

    Don’t really care about Dreu’s story but would like to hear about real life uses of Simpleology.  Like how it is being used as a collaboratory tool on projects and businesses.

  51. erif evil says:

    I would like to hear more about Dreu´s story, its a funny representation of what we have been learning by using simpleology, to do HI-ME as a personal Discipline to improve on every day activities taking the best decisions from all of the ideas that come to mind.

  52. AndrewMason says:

    What was the question – I Dreu a blank.  Oh yah, now I remember – please continue.

  53. Kendra Hanes says:

    I love a good story. Let’s see how it all ends.

  54. RaeannBerge says:

    Always want to know “the rest of the story!”

  55. abder1434 says:

    I prefer this end-new beginning: and so Drew discover that it may take a lot of clarity to acknowledge that’s finally being a success(as assessed by others) was not what she was really looking for, and then begins to reflect about the matter…

  56. soulcoachmary says:

    yes please

  57. arnel1130 says:

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  58. alan_steacy says:

    Oh “Dreu” tell… awaiting the next episode!

  59. Don’t leave us hanging! Let Dreu tell us what happened next.

  60. MarcR says:

    Yes, continue, I enjoy the adventures of Dreu!

  61. peru2 says:

    go on please

  62. cherv says:

    Keep going with Dreu!

  63. DeRickiJohnson says:

    I hope you keep Dreu going. The concept of hacking my physiology is a real paradigm shift for me. I haven’t kept track since the initial blogs, but the threat of losing access to this information forces me to do some time management housekeeping!

  64. Alex Leadbetter says:

    Is this really the end, or just a new beginning

  65. tim2 says:

    Dreu … strange name, strange story. This one didn’t grow on me like I thought it would. Keep developing the concept, though. I love stories with a theme.

  66. amira77e says:

    Go on please.

  67. AnitaWallace says:

    She will have a life after becoming a captain of industry, toast of the town, master of herself, and object of desire to all. Usually in real life there are more challenges when you think you have it all than when you have only a little. Let’s give her a life and solve some of the next challenges.

  68. cfount says:

    sue, keep her going as wellll as the other resources to help keep life in balance

  69. Nuvo says:

    Yeah! Definitely go on with this story. I want to get to where she is calling the shots, and only working from Cancun or Hawaii!!!

  70. DavidShanks says:

    I like this approach to education  David

  71. MamaRachael says:

    Yes, please continue the story!

  72. Russ Live says:

    Yes  Keep her story alive!

  73. adelheider says:

    Yes  Keep her story alive!

  74. mbmontague says:

    Yes.  Keep it going.

  75. prov11230 says:

    Yes whats happens next….

  76. prov11230 says:

    yes, what happens next……

  77. jaykay55 says:

    Yeah, I want to see the story continue

  78. EdithRusso says:

    Honestly, I lost track after looking into the biohacking, some reason cannot get into.  but i am interested in the story.

  79. JCcusack says:

    Only if its educational…without the ‘story’ lines.

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