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Birth of an Industry

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  • howdyjack good guess – but that already exists.  This doesn’t :-)

  • AdamSimon1 Mark Joyner hints forthcoming :-)

  • Nahyan we are too!

  • kimayres great idea! already has that one covered :-)  This is much broader than that …

  • MikeLeavitt it could indeed :-)

  • garythewilson haha great idea :-)

  • Tuck Mixon I think you will love it.

  • CharlesB thanks!  We don’t have a firm date yet, but very soon …

  • Y2Li excellent idea!  I can confirm that’s not what’s coming … think bigger.

  • Robert Schimmel thanks, Robert!  I don’t think anyone will be able to predict – it’s so different from anything else.  No set time frame, but very soon.

  • tibbsphoto it will be worth it :-)

  • ToddStaples clues coming soon :-)

  • AndrewMason it’s actually a vegetable-protein-powered AI that manages your facebook.

  • PniDoc excellent guess …

  • catricala haha that’s right … “The Dating Habit”

  • Geeks4Rent excellent guess :-)

  • grassapelli that’s too much hype even for me … maybe we should tone it down a bit and call it “The Second Coming?”

  • kenundrum61011  I like the way you think :-)

  • otto777 haha could you say that one more time in English? ;-)

  • StephenMichaelHawley Mmmm hmmmm

  • MikeAusten We plan to!

  • JohnMunro hahahaha … I will say it now:  this has absolutely nothing to do with graphene …. unless, that is, you want it to.

  • tonylotven awesome :-)

  • paulinusofnola thanks!  This one will make your lifestyle calmer :-)

  • paulinusofnola Or less calm … depending.  Hahaha :D

  • kenundrum61011 OK, it’s aliens.

  • patentspending very soon

  • simplifyit thank you!

  • rollinroddy you will :-)

  • BrendaSueAllan It’s pretty awesome, actually.

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