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The Great Financial Boondoggle

Download The Great Financial Boondogle – a new free cartoon book from Simpleology – right here:

  • MerlMiller Thanks, Merl.  This comment made my day.  You’re an inspiration.

  • AndrewMason Andrew, I totally stole your line for our facebook post, haha.  Love it.

  • Thank you, can’t wait to read it, alltough I am an “intermediate” student of this topic.

  • Suk-Ching Cheong

    Thank you Mark.

  • Jennifer Nilan Oliver

    This is fantastic. I love the cartoons, the humor, and most of all, the message. Thank you, Mark!

  • I can’t believe he called hime “Sonny.” :)

  • James Blakeley

    Just loving these comics, great points, great systems, looking forward to application everyday.

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