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Mexican Surgeon Gets Hit By Car. Learns Secret to Personal Freedom.

Experimental New Feature #3 is coming, and it’s a biggie.  Keep your eyes peeled.  We’ll start talking about it in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, I have a bizarre story to tell you …

OK, I’m a skeptical guy.  But I like to keep my mind open.  I don’t care where wisdom comes from.  Whether someone said they learned it from astronauts or aliens, if it works it works.  The source and the backstory really make no difference to me.  That’s all window-dressing.  The real “juice” is on display in the window itself.

Such is the lens through which I view Don Miguel Ruiz.  His backstory begs skepticism.  He was a surgeon in Mexico.  He got in a car accident.  Then, after re-thinking his life, he decided to become a shaman’s apprentice.

As an interesting aside, I must say I’m far more open to this kind of thing after learning how effective some of the South American “plant medicines” have been in treating many conditions.  Especially mental illness.  At a time when mental health is perhaps the greatest global security issue, we should be wide open to “solutions from anywhere.”

Anyway … Ruiz claims to have been taught a “four agreement” formula for personal freedom that originates from “Ancient Toltec Wisdom.”  When I first heard that my eyes rolled.  But as I began to dig into it, the elegance and truth of his formula impressed me more and more.  (Elegant solutions and simple powerful truths are kind of what we’re all about here at Simpleology.)

Take, for example, the first of his “Four Agreements” … 

Agreement #1:  Be Impeccable with Your Word

“The word is a force you cannot see, but you can see the manifestation of that force, the expression of the word, which is your own life.”

Why do I think this “agreement” is (much) more powerful than meets the eye?

What are the other three “agreements” you must make to free yourself?

You can learn all of that and more in minutes when you grab the Simpleology Summary of The Four Agreements right here …

Simpleology Summaries:  The Four Agreements <— free download

P.S. Will Simpleology Summaries remain free?  We just don’t know yet.  So far, all we know is that so many of you absolutely loved the first one.  We’ll see how it goes … Meanwhile, grab this one while it’s still free.  How should we handle this in the future?

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