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Why Things Suck (and How to Make Everything Awesome Again) – Part 2

Continued from Part 1

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Hey guys, the guesses folks posted on Part 1 were impressive.  A solid case could be made for each and every one.  If you’re one of the smart folks who posted a guess, I’m guessing your understanding of the series so far is way above the baseline.

And that’s a pretty big deal because the punchline is going to rock your world.   So, let’s keep it going …

Can you guess “the elephant in the room?”

  • Tonya Culbertson

    Systems need to focus on positive outcomes

  • billtaichi

    You must be aware of what your systems are doing and make sure they are moving you toward a place you want to go.

  • Tim Stanforth

    Consistent disciplined follow through!!! OR ‘Daily Action’

  • It requires action.

  • Karl Norman

    Real motivation to implement that system…

  • Not taking action on what you plan to do

  • Karen Salley

    Systems are useless unless you implement them

  • not following the system regularly

  • Augustin C. Pop

    Good decisions don’t count without action and planning.

  • Diane Brunette

    The elephant is action? Choice? Attitude? The person has to understand and implement what she learns. Consistency is also important.

  • What is a system? Is that the elephant?

  • Nick St Clare


  • hmmm… the right system?

  • KarenF

    Repetitive (habitual) systems

  • Janeson Keeley


  • Sam


  • Dave Greene

    Consistant action

  • Nigel Lear

    Applied Action

  • Michael Lopez

    “Our habits makes us, or break us”..meaning….”habits” could be the elefant in the room!

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