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Why Things Suck (and How to Make Everything Awesome Again) – Part 4 | Conclusion

Continued from Parts 1, 2, and 3

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To learn the Four No’s …

To learn why things suck …

To learn how to make everything awesome again …

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Download the new FREE Comic Book from Simpleology <—- click here

  • tonylotven Looking forward to your feedback, Tony!  It took quite a bit of time to get this right.  And as always it will evolve and improve over time … There’s a ton of other great stuff in 5.7, as well.  It’s almost a shame all of the little convenience improvements have to take a back seat to Systems :-)  This is easily our best release yet.

  • Peter_Merrifield Thanks, Peter!

  • CherylMaryColeman Yes, ma’am :-)

  • Serrys Very very soon :-)

  • ArthurGordon Thanks, Arthur!  5.7 is going to open up a whole new dimension for everyone :-)

  • Robert Schimmel Thank you, kind sir!  Can’t wait to see what you can do with 5.7 :-)

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