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Admit it.  You love him or you hate him.

OK, maybe you’re terrified by him.  Or you’re in awe.

But one thing you’re not?


Everyone reacts to the guy.  And whatever you think about his political aspirations (we’re not going to comment on that here), the man has everyone’s attention.

Whatever you think of him, it would be wise to know how he makes decisions.  How has he been able to get so much attention?  How was he able to build so many buildings?  How was he able to get the backing of so many people for his candidacy?  Whether you think he’s Mother Teresa or Benito Mussolini, it would be wise to know.

It’s certainly worth the 5 minutes it will take to read the Simpleology Summary of his book …

Simpleology Summaries:  The Art of the Deal <— download now (it’s free)

Love him.  Hate him.  Whatever you think about him … failing to learn from him is a lost opportunity of historic proportion. 



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  1. Mark Joyner says:

    pippenpippen When did I say I think he’s a good dealmaker? :-)

  2. Mark Joyner says:

    coolone Mark Joyner pippenpippen Ah, good catch.  We tried to be as impartial about this as possible and missed that … At any rate, the point is folks can learn from how he sees the world, whether for him or against.

  3. Mark is God of Marketing.

  4. I do neither love nor hate Trump. I just saw how he was treated by the Indians and the treat was godly. I simply pray to God Krishna for, “I want to see Trump again The American president.”

  5. Kristi Sayles says:

    Best cheat sheet ever! I have read the whole book and couldn’t have put it in a better list of important points.

  6. Terry says:

    well Buffett has donated billions to the Gates Foundation. That indicates to me that his heart is in the right place. Is Buffett human? Most certainly but he does not have a reputation for being a liar or a cheat

    • problem911 says:

      he has donated over 37 billion dollars to charity

    • jorgaone says:

      And Bill Gates is very effective at giving enough money to the very poor to control their very lives from then on…not my idea of a “deal-maker” but an Empire builder-King.

  7. Roy Mackey says:

    Read this book years ago and loved it. Sheep always want to be governed by sheep but it never works out well because the world is full of wolves. In my opinion Trump was the first real president since Kennedy but he sadly got lead poisoning trying to do what Trump has been doing.

  8. problem911 says:

    what is so sad is how so many people drank the kool aid and died mentally. Trump is mentally insane. he never was a real president and he is being used by Russia to destroy america. he is the only president who personal CPA, Attorney and close cabinet member went to prison protecting trump and his illegal activities. income tax evasion for 15 years. he was behind the capital invasion and his helpers wanted his poor vice president killed. he isolated us from all our strategic allies. france, canada, mexico, and many more. he pulled us from NATO and destroyed a good treaty with IRAN which now allows them to build nuclear missiles and before they could not. He bombed syria and then his son got the contract to rebuild their airports. he supports Russian invasion of the Ukraine and killing of innocent civilians. the list goes on. he is also a mass murderer. in 2018 he fired the head of the pandemic response team and disbanded it. he defunded the NIH and the CDC. in three years he failed to rebuild our medical arsonal. he threw away a 69 page report on how to deal with the pandemic obama left. 200,000 people died needlessly. he has tried to kill obamacare and yet in the 4 years he never created any plan of his own so 22 million people would have been without medical ins. need more there is a lot more. he spent more time on the golf course than all the presidents combined and at a cost of 200 million dollars.

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