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Admit it.  You love him or you hate him.

OK, maybe you’re terrified by him.  Or you’re in awe.

But one thing you’re not?


Everyone reacts to the guy.  And whatever you think about his political aspirations (we’re not going to comment on that here), the man has everyone’s attention.

Whatever you think of him, it would be wise to know how he makes decisions.  How has he been able to get so much attention?  How was he able to build so many buildings?  How was he able to get the backing of so many people for his candidacy?  Whether you think he’s Mother Teresa or Benito Mussolini, it would be wise to know.

It’s certainly worth the 5 minutes it will take to read the Simpleology Summary of his book …

Simpleology Summaries:  The Art of the Deal <— download now (it’s free)

Love him.  Hate him.  Whatever you think about him … failing to learn from him is a lost opportunity of historic proportion. 



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  1. Mark Joyner says:

    pippenpippen When did I say I think he’s a good dealmaker? :-)

  2. Mark Joyner says:

    coolone Mark Joyner pippenpippen Ah, good catch.  We tried to be as impartial about this as possible and missed that … At any rate, the point is folks can learn from how he sees the world, whether for him or against.

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