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The Coming Storm

A storm is coming.

It’s going to touch the lives of every man, woman, and child on the planet.

You won’t be ready for it.  No one will.  But you will be able to prepare.  (Very soon, I’ll show you how.  These storm clouds have a silver lining, but you won’t even see the clouds unless you understand a few things first …)

“Big government” won’t be able to protect you.   Your investments may vanish into thin air.  Not even your job is safe.

What is it?

First … how do I know this storm is coming?

Spoiler:  I don’t.

It’s just a prediction, but my track record for predictions is pretty good.

I’m Not Psychic – It Just Looks That Way

Remember back in 2015 when everyone thought Trump’s presidential campaign was a big joke?

How did I know?  (When multiple independent analysts were giving him a 1 to 5% chance of winning?)

More about that in a moment, but two more examples:

  • When I launched the first ebook publishing company in the 1990s one famous author we were courting told me, “Mark, no one will read these ebooks.”  He was far from alone in his opinion.  Of course ebook sales now outrank print book sales and ebooks are a multi-billion dollar industry.  (It took me two years to convince him.  We made him $50,000 on the first day.  He has since written an ebook on how to strike it rich with ebooks haha.  Good for him!)
  • When I launched the first online ad tracking company back in the 1990s online entrepreneurs poked fun at it.  “I don’t see what this obsession with metrics is going to accomplish for anyone.”  Of course this too launched a billion dollar industry.  Indeed, any ad platform these days includes extremely robust ad tracking technology based on my company’s original work.  (Pixel tracking … link tracking … conversion tracking … that was all stuff we innovated back then.)

I could go on, but you get the idea …

Time to Lean Forward in the Foxhole

In the US Army we used the phrase “leaning forward in the foxhole” to refer to a heightened state of vigilance.

There’s a time for leaning forward in the foxhole.

And there’s a time for “kicking back in the rear with the gear.”

When crazy stuff is about to go down, smart troopers lean forward.  Or they become dead troopers.

Crazy stuff is about to go down.  Or so I predict.

But First … How Do I Do It?

It really comes down to three things:

  • statistics
  • trends
  • mass psychology

When you understand what moves masses of people (to buy … to believe … to forgive …), you begin seeing things other folks simply cannot see.

Heh.  It’s frustrating sometimes.  When you can see the people you know and love being herded around like sheep (because they don’t understand the psychology of the crowd), it’s tough …

Right now I see the world being moved in a very – well, let’s just say unhealthy - direction.

So … What Is the Storm?

Before I tell you, I need you to guess.

Here’s the deal … if your mind is engaged, you’re more likely to remember.   And this is one helluva thing to remember.

Step 1:  Post Your Guess in the Comments Below

Don’t worry if you’re right or wrong.  Any guess will engage your mind and prime you for learning.

Step 2:  Read Our New Comic Book for the Answer …

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