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Battlefield 2021: Part 3 – Your Mighty Persuasive Sword

(Continued from Parts 1 and 2.  Read them first.)

The same tools used to persuade you …

… can be used by you to persuade others.

“But wait a minute!  Isn’t that … EVIL???”

I don’t know … Is it?

Before you answer that, take a minute and watch this short video clip:

Is this young man an evil genius?

Or is he merely expressing a skill all young kids innately possess?

I think we all know the answer …

Do we lose this innate skill at some point or do we all merely hone it over time?

I think we all know the answer to that, too.

We begin persuading our young friends about what game we should all play together.

We go on to persuade teachers … potential lovers … our bosses, co-workers, and employees …

Indeed.  Is there ever a time when we are not persuading each other?

“I get it!

OK … Let’s start a movement teaching each other to stop using persuasion and start using reason.”

It’s a great idea in theory, but …

Remember what we learned in Part 2?

  • We are swimming in a sea of information
  • Our minds can only drink a small tea cup full of info from that sea at a time
  • And here’s a bonus kicker:  there is information out there we aren’t even aware of and cannot even (as of yet) detect!

So, for now …

… at least until the point we develop some type of super-mind that’s knows all and sees all with which we can commune …

… we’re going to have to continue to fall back on our hard-wiring for shortcuts.

And that means … persuasion.

“So … humans are evil!”

Not at all …

Persuasion is neither good nor evil.

It just is.

Yes, there are folks out there using persuasion for selfish and even downright evil purposes.

We’d be willfully blind to deny it.

But …

Persuasion can also be used for great good.

Is it evil if you persuade …

  • your obese friend to put down the donut and adopt a health lifestyle that will make them better parents, lovers, and friends?
  • your children to stay off drugs and embrace a diligent work ethic that will pay dividends every day of their lives?
  • persuade your lover not to give up on themselves and pursue their dreams?
  • yourself to have better healthier habits and unleash your full and true potential?

The defensive tactics you just learned are also, obviously, weapons.

You can use them on yourself.

You can use them on others.

And if you don’t master them … you will forever be at the mercy of those who have.

And if you ever hope to make money in this world (more – much more – about that in Part 5 … it’s going to be far more important than you realize), you need to become an absolute persuasion ninja.

Again, more about that upcoming posts.

Meanwhile … here’s some fun homework.

Watch short vintage video of
a live offensive persuasion demonstration.

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