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Brainwash Yourself. Or…

Let’s face it:  we’re all brainwashed.

Many of us are convinced we’re not.

To them I offer an easy-to-reach olive branch:  blame your bad habits on brainwashing!

I mean… it sounds like an excuse, but…

It’s a plausible excuse.

A likely excuse, even.

I mean, sure…change is your responsibility.

True enough!

But we can’t say, for example, that the billions (!) of dollars spent on junk food advertising every year

…didn’t have some impact on our waistline, can we?

See what I mean?


Brainwash yourself!  (Or be brainwashed.)

Question:  there is a simple and elegant technique for brainwashing yourself that anyone can do every day.  It takes about 30 seconds (or longer – if you like).  It’s a favorite of both mainstream psychologists and “alternative” self-help practitioners alike.  Can you name it?

Hint:  It might have something to do with Simpleology 5.14 (coming soon).  If you get it right, you’ll get an early invitation to access 5.14  If you’re the first to get it right, we’ll give you Simpleology Elite FREE for one year.

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