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Introducing Simpleology 5.14 with…

(Continued from Part 1)

So what is the simple and elegant technique anyone can use to brainwash themselves?

The technique favored by both mainstream psychologists and alternative self-help gurus alike?

Well, it goes all the way back to Socrates…

(But it’s not “The Socratic Method” – it’s far broader… and far more powerful than that.)

Socrates used questions to stimulate epiphanies in the minds of his followers.

See… questions are like keys that unlock the dormant powers of the mind.

Imagine the mind as a great, ancient mansion filled with countless rooms.

In each room are treasures… memories… potentials.

Don’t believe it?

What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?  And how did it make you feel?

Take a moment to think about that…

Just pause for a moment staring at this screen and let the memory come to you.  Then continue reading.

Back with me?

If you did the exercise in earnest, you probably feel a bit better right now.

That’s because, in another sense, questions are like cattle prods…

The force the mind in a particular direction.

And that is the secret.

Once you understand it, you can…

…craft questions to force yourself into whichever direction you want to go!

Pause and think about what you can do with that wisdom.

Crazy, right?


The problem is…

…as with anything…

…we tend to forget this obvious “secret”.

Rather than brainwash ourselves with this simple technique…

….we allow others to brainwash us.

Rather than forge our dreams from the raw metal of our lives…

…we allow “them” to forge us into the cogs of their system.

Say it with me…

No more!

So, what’s our plan?

Well, the psychologists… as they do… have given it a rather dull name:  “Journaling.”


If ever there was an inappropriate name for a weapon!

“Dear Diary.  Today my secret crush Billy looked at me and I felt…”

Haha.  No.  Not that kind of journal.

See, I told you it was the worst name ever.

A well-crafted journal is not filled with random musings.

Sure, there is some value to just going over your day, but…

…it’s so much better when you load this weapon with the nuclear-grade ammo that is the well-asked question!

Even better:  well-asked questions…

…designed especially for…


That is the power of Simpleology 5.14.

We have added a new, fully customizable, Journaling module.

You can load it with the well-asked questions of your choice…

…add entries to it every day (as part of your Start My Day routine, of course)…

…and observe your beautiful metamorphosis before your very eyes.

 (Simpleology 5.14 is available by invitation-only for now.  Keep your eyes on your inbox for an email from with your invitation.)




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