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The Hard Pivot – Part 2: Information is Free – Yippee?

I imagine almost everyone alive can relate to this.  Here is yet another problem we’re going to solve with the reborn Simpleology.

Next week we’ll begin discussing a completely different aspect of the Hard Pivot.  If you’re a business owner, you’ll want to pay very close attention.  Until then …

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  • The Internet has certainly changed our lives tremendously. Like any tool, it’s all in how you use it. And it can be extremely overwhelming at times. Simpleology is one of the great resources that actually continues to evolve to make life more manageable within the ever changing technological framework. The best part is that you don’t have to be a geek to take advantage of it! Whooo Hooo! Thanks Mark!

  • realintmark

    Yeah… that’s a huge problem for me.

  • reluctantspy

    I’m addicted to instant answers to my information-based questions.  I can even find help for the spiritual ones online — I love that Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet on Byron Katie’s site.

  • LesGordon

    Keeping focused in a world of information is certainly a challenge. I’m excited to see how the new Simpleology is going to help us do this even better than now. Keep Going Mark!

  • harryfassett

    Information overload, and overwhelm, and kids have smartphones that are smarter than they are nowadays.

  • We can’t go back. Every generation challenges the mores, standards and way of doing things that have been tested and proven over time by the current ‘Powers that be’. They push against the staus-quo until it breaks and their task is to reassemble it in their own unique way. It is only called information overload by those who have decided what amount of information is appropriate which has been exceeded.
    We are in for the ride of our lives. You can’t change the direction or  get off until the end of the ride. You may as well hang on and keep your eyes open. Things go by fast and there will be a quiz.

  • FateEnigma

    “nuckle down” -> “knuckle down”

  • Well, the post is really the sweetest on this worthy topic. I harmonise with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your approaching updates. Just saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the great clarity in your writing.

  • A tremendous amount of information….a tremendous amount of misinformation. Think for yourself

  • SidoCalon

    Freedom, the liberty to choose is always about how to find out our real choices, methinks..and how to handle the energiesinformation that we are given. THe internet is intense training in that, eh?! but as for all training, one needs good bases with which to approach the information, the idea of what our choices are ABOUT using information…and there’s the sticker, as many cultures and religions teach “not know” instead of clarity, how to find the truest questions, listen for the ring of truest resonance… great discussion here…

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