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The Story of Dreu – Episode 1

(click the cartoon to view a full sized version)

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  1. speekpeep8 says:

    Blue hair guy must be stopped.

  2. StephenGuillen says:

    I’m all ears too.  What’s next?

  3. Gaddy3 says:

    I am sitting on the edge of my mushroom in anticipation. I know there’s a rabbit in a big hat somewhere.

  4. Idamwenhor says:

    The girl on a pink necktie seems to me a jolly fellow who makes very salient points in an interesting manner.

  5. almaur2009 says:

    Look out for Dreu’s

  6. Entregreeneur says:

    Don’t let the jerks get you down Dreu, I think we’re at the beginning of a fascinating voyage of discovery :-)

  7. 1miracle4us says:

    Looking forward to the next 60 days.

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