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The (Real) Science of Getting Rich

Here’s the short answer:

The real “science of getting rich” is to use the Business Growth and Financial Growth modules every day when you log in to Simpleology and do Start My Day.

Those tools are designed to reveal the simple daily actions that will earn the greatest amount of money in the least possible time.

If you need to improve your financial situation, stop reading this post immediately and make Start My Day your browser homepage.

BUT, if you don’t believe you can, could, or should get rich then here’s the long answer …

Many of the barriers to wealth are psychological.

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles is not really a “science” as such.  It’s more an un-doing of the belief patterns that hold you back.  It unravels the poverty-mentality and installs a more positive, proactive, and healthy one.

And that’s why we’ve chosen it as our next installment in the Simpleology Passive Mastery™ series.  This is exactly the kind of information that needs to go deep into “unconscious competence” to be of any use.

Passive Mastery™ Series: The Science of Getting Rich <— free download

P.S.  I dare you to follow *both* of my suggestions above for the next 60 days.


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