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Simpleology Affiliate Army OPORD: Operation Holiday Hijack

An OPORD is US military speak for “Operations Order.”

First we send out a “WARNO” (a Warning Order – telling you “something is coming – get ready”) and then we send out an OPORD (the operation is set – here’s what to do).

Operation Holiday Hijack

What if you could earn some extra money over the holiday season this year:

- without having to “sell” anything

… and …

- just by sharing valuable and interesting content on social, just like you normally do

And what if, instead of sharing selfies of gluttonous excess like most do over the holidays …

… you shared information that will actually help your friends and family be more successful in 2020?

Let’s hijack the holidays this year, troops.  Let’s turn it into a time of self-improvement (what we all really want) instead of self-indulgence (what the purveyors of excess want us to believe we want).

Step 1:  Learn How to Convert Any Simpleology Blog Post Into an Affiliate Link

The Simpleology tech team just equipped the Simpleology Affiliate Army with a mighty new weapon.

Here’s are some quick video instructions …

So, all you have to do is take an blog post URL and insert /a/YOUR_ID_HERE/ after

So, for this blog post

… you would update it like so …

IMPORTANT:  to see how to find your affiliate ID, watch the above very short video.

Step 2:  Over the Holidays, Share These URLs …

Share these any way you like.

- on social

- via email

- in a video

- etc.

These URLs are for some of our most popular and useful blog posts ever.

The 4 Patterns of Chronic Procrastinators

The Habit All Billionaires Have in Common

How the CIA Flips Spies

The Everyman’s Superpower

The Kankyo Kaizen Movement

The 7 Golden Keys

How to Make Money Without Spending Money

The Richest Man in Bedlam

The Book Everyone Buys – But No One Gets

The (Real) Science of Getting Rich

A Perfect Curriculum for Aspiring Capitalist Pigs

Simpleology Summary:  How to Win Friends and Influence People

The Art of Money Getting

How to Get Thunderous Applause Every Time You Speak (Even if You’re Terrified)

Quit Your Business in 7 Steps

You Can Heal Your Life

Holocaust Survivor Reveals Hidden Meaning of Life

Napoleon Hill’s Unpublished “Dark” Book May Be His Greatest Contribution to Mankind

Diagnose Yourself:  the 16 Symptoms of “Resistance”

Bonus Step:  Recruit Your Family and Friends?

Remember, the Simpleology Affiliate Program …

- offers lifetime commissions (once an affiliate is yours, they’re yours for life)

- pays on two tiers

So, if you recruit your friends into the Simpleology Affiliate Army, you’ll earn 5% on all of the sales they make as well.

You have your orders, squad!

Let’s hijack the holidays and restore the true meaning of “holy days”.

All the best,


Mark Joyner
Founder and CEO
Simpleology® - Simplicity is Freedom!


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