The Kankyo Kaizen Movement

kai zen - Japanese for “continuous improvement”

kan kyo - Japanese for “environment” or “surroundings”

Kankyo Kaizen then is the continuous improvement of one’s surroundings in order to improve quality of life.

Let’s call these quality of life improvements “Kankyo Kaizen hacks.”

These hacks can solve problems …

… change behavior …

… reduce the waste of time and materials …

… or simply improve aesthetic appearances.

And they don’t have to be big or expensive.  They don’t even have to take much time.  In the spirit of kaizen, they should be small … and gradual … but constant.  Tiny changes each day can add up to radical improvement over time.

What if you, and the people who share space with you, started making these tiny changes as a habit?

What would happen at the end of a week?  Or a month?  Or a year?  And what would happen if other groups of people, inspired by the changes you made, started doing the same?

That’s the Kankyo Kaizen movement.

How do you join?

Step 1.  Download the free Kankyo Kaizen Starter Kit

Step 2.  Share It with the People with Whom You Share Space

Step 3.  Share Your Kankyo Kaizen Ideas and Stories in the Comments Below

It doesn’t matter how big or small your improvement is.  Share it anyway.  Even the tiniest improvements matter in the world of kaizen.

Now … go forth and start hacking.

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