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Pearson’s Law and How the New “Trackers” Feature Improve Things “Exponentially”

Are you a “Tracker?”

Pearson’s Law states …

“That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.”

Karl Pearson

If you’ve ever kept a tracking chart for anything you wanted to improve, you know this is true.  The effect borders on the miraculous.   Trackers find themselves taking enormous action to improve the things they track almost unconsciously.

With the new Trackers feature, you can keep track of as many “metrics” as you like right inside your Simpleology account.  This quick video will get you up and running with your first tracker  …

Pearsons Law and New Simpleology Trackers

(watch in youtube at full screen and 720p high-res for best results)

This new feature is free to all Simpleology users.

Before you log in and start playing with it, three quick notes …

First, it’s in “beta” but from my testing it’s pretty close to flawless, so don’t be scared by the beta label.

Next, we’re going to be adding some very interesting things to the Trackers feature in the future, so get started tracking things now so you can take advantage of the surprising stuff you’ll be able to do with this feature later on.

Finally, in the spirit of the Kankyo Kaizen “movement” we started last week, let’s start another movement together:  the Trackers movement.  Comment below telling the world what you’ll start tracking.  Then start tracking it, see what happens, and report back your results.

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