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What is Simpleology? Part III

(continued from Part Parts I and II)

What is Simpleology? - Part 2


  • OmryMan

    You Make a decision- a real one this time !

  • reluctantspy

    You set up your day to make the new activity happen in its own tiimeslot.

  • hwk1090

    you carve your habits into a streamlined vehicle using a tool called Simpleology Cockpit!Helmut

  • cklester

    UNLESS WHAT?!!?!

  • GregH12

    Being able to give yourself commands and follow through with direct relatable action is by far one of the most difficult, yet rewarding activities you can partake.

  • The difference in our lives lies in what we are conditioning (practicing), this goes for habits too.  What we condition expands and gets stronger.  Thus THE HABITS we condition expand and get stronger.

  • AndrewMason

    …..Unless you are habitually inclined (a nice way of saying compulsively kooky) or unless you use Simpleology.  Though, I will say, it is incredibly easy & simple for me to initiate and maintain bad habits. (this exemplifies a small fraction of Einstein’s theory of The Great Universal Joke On Us – Bad habits are easy to start & hard to stop; good habits are hard to start and easy to stop.)  Hey, if it were the other way around we’de all be Stepford Wives.  Those of smoking age will get the reference.  Thankfully I just got out of the habit of writing bad, lengthy posts.

  • A habit of course, takes time to form – even healthy empowering ones. Simpleology works so well because it helps you form a habit…one that will help you achieve your goals and dreams.

  • Franky Surroca

    Excellent job with all these, seriously!

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