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What is Simpleology? Part V

(continued from Parts IIIIII, and IV)

What is Simpleology? - Part 2

Contest – Do You Have an Inspiring Simpleology Story?  You Could Win Elite FREE for Life

We want to inspire those who haven’t yet started using our software.  Post your story and you could get Simpleology Elite free for life.

Step 1.  Tell Us Your Simpleology Story in the Comments Below

OK, your story doesn’t have to be as dramatic as Martin Bolduc’s (while recovering from cancer surgery he used Simpleology to establish healthy diet and exercise habits – then won the Lean Body Challenge) …  Maybe you are the parent of one of the many kids who have turned their ADD around to become A students using our software.  Maybe you are one of the thousands of entrepreneurs who finally got their business off the ground.  No story is too great or small.  We want to hear them all.

Step 2. That’s It

We’ll take it from there.  Here’s what you can win:

  • Most Inspiring Story:  Lifetime Free Access to Simpleology Elite
  • 2 Runner-Ups:  1 Year of Simpleology Elite for Free
  • 3 Entries Chosen at Random:  1 Year of Simpleology Elite for Free
  • 1 Entry Chosen at Random:  Lifetime Free Access to Simpleology Elite

And it may not be apparent yet, but the benefits of Elite membership are about to become a lot greater.  ”Codename Habit Bombs” are the start of something that will become even more significant over time.  Hint:  it blows our old courseware training out of the water.

Meanwhile, let’s hear your story!

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  1. AnthonyHalvorson says:

    Hey Mark,
    I’ve been with Simpleology for a few years now. Starting out, Simpleology absolutely revolutionzed my entire life. That’s a big claim to live up to. But I’m not exaggerating one bit.
    At the time, I was completely unproductive. In fact, damn near unmovable. I had slipped into such a state of depression and decay that I couldn’t even work or do anything anymore. My habits had me gridlocked weighing well over 300 pounds and playing video games just to avoid my life.
    Since then I’ve lost 120 pounds, I spent the last 2 and a half years as a permanent traveler, living in many foreign countries I never dreamed I’d ever see. And I’ve now established myself freelancing and am working towards a full-time product-based business now.
    Simpleology was what really lit the fire under my ass. Your coursework really helped me cut through the fog and get clear on what I wanted. It absolutely wasn’t easy at first acting on it. I barely got anything done. But by perservering, I was able to eventually turn it all around.
    Glad now to be both location-independent and financially independent. But the biggest reward for me is definitely that I’m now in good health. And live my life traveling full-time which was my real dream. The rest was just so I could fund it.
    From barely alive to the happiest person most will ever meet.
    Thanks Mark, I can’t state enough the impact Simpleology has had on my life.

    • Mark Joyner says:

      @AnthonyHalvorson Anthony, that’s extraordinary.   Thank you.I’m really excited to see what you think of “Codename Habit Bombs.”  They’re designed to get people up to speed even faster than the courseware did.
      Then the Certification program will really lock in the good habits folks need even faster.

  2. GregH12 says:

    Thanks Mark for your program.
    Very similar story to Anthony.  Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you succeed in life.  To add to my woes, I was involved with things that didn’t make me too happy (in retrospect).  Without getting too specific, there were years of damage that I had done to my mind and body, as well as my overall state of existence.  Even though I thought it was fun and enjoyable at the time, it lead to a life of being a complete sloth.
    I’m still fighting those demons and trying to put that part of my life behind me for good.  Your program showed me that not only is change inevitable, but change is possible.  And above all else, it can be done on your terms.
    Fighting through depression and despair can be one of the most difficult things anyone can face.  Through that state of my life I lost some key people in my life so it has been dually difficult.  
    Through all this subliminal context, I have fought tooth and nail to get out of that life and move into a life of being a creator on this planet.  The road is still difficult, but in the process of changing I’ve realized that change is a powerful force if you have the right pieces to support you.
    Simpleology is the foundation for just about everything I do.  I’ve been able to organize my future endeavor projects, I’ve been able to put some focus on my energy, I’ve been able to gain a financial foundation (although I’m still in tremendous amounts of debt), I’ve been able to build new friendships, I’ve been able to repair lost or damaged relationships, and I think the most important thing I’ve gained so far is to build intentional living.  In other words, what actions am I doing right now to achieve the goals I set.  Your program has helped me to understand my actions more clearly. Is action A going to get me closer to my goal or further away from my goal.  I remember that exercise of drinking from the water glass – what the h*** am I doing this for??
    It appears that its always the simple things in life that are most powerful.  I can’t say the last 3-5 years, perhaps more have been particularly fun (in retrospect), but I can say today that my actions today are going to be beneficial to my life to come.  Everything begins in the mind, and I am 100% responsible for my own existence.
    Greg H.

  3. GinaReedy says:

    I used to be shy and timid and I was wondering how to be a good wife and do a lot of other things I had in mind. Since using simpleology I am now a go getter! I attack my dreams. I have started a unique dance group at school, made money online and had multiple businesses online, hosted parties and events (something I can feel shy to do), improved my cooking skills, and even become a better wife and gamer! Now I am an “A-type” personality and I really want to thank you guys for EVERYTHING! :) You have helped make a positive difference in my life. 
    Thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate your tools!
    Gina Reedy –

  4. Scott Clayson says:

    Hi Mark,  
    I have been following you for years and at one point in time I was wildly successful.  Then some things happened in my business that shot my confidence completely.  
    I couldn’t seem to get that confidence back no matter what I tried.  To many that know me, it looked like I had it all together.  But the truth?  The truth is I was suffering from depression and, as others have stated, I just couldn’t get motivated to do anything.  The depression was so bad that sometimes I would wonder if it might be better to end my life.
    About 4 months ago one of your emails caught my eye even though I am sure I was thinking…here is another thing that I am going to get reeled into and that will just cost me money and that I won’t follow up or do anything with.  At any rate, I decided to click on the link and see what old Mark and Simpleology were up to nowadays.  :-)
    I can say that I have been absolutely amazed with what you have done!  Simpleology has helped to create habits and stick to them!  I am sooo much more productive.  I still don’t use everything but what I am using has literally turned my life around.
    Some examples:
    I was on the edge of divorce and simpleology helped me to make my wife and my family a priority. 
    I was on the edge of quitting my job because of frustrations, but now I am really making up ground and my management has noticed and I am about to get a promotion!  No joke…last year I was rated a bottom 5% performer at work and NOW I am being considered for a promotion! 
    I am eating better, drinking more water and even though the flu season is in full swing and I usually get every illness that comes around…I have stayed completely healthy!
    When I told my wife that I was signing up for the elite program, she rolled her eyes and said we couldn’t afford it and that I wouldn’t do anything with it anyways.  Well now after a few short months…she won’t let me cancel my membership for anything!
    I don’t want to make this a novel but I just want to thank you Mark and the Simpleology team from the bottom of my heart.  What I am learning with Simpleology I will teach my children.  I want to change the family tree…give them the confidence and the ability to be productive.
    I thank God daily for Simpleology and the wonderful work you guys are doing.  I still have a long way to go…but I am soooo excited for what the future holds.

  5. KHag says:

    Hi Mark,
    Not a top two story, but I’ve used some of your original tools to leave a job and begin a business with my kids. The original tools were very helpful to stay focused. I’ve jumped back and forth between the Elite and Free versions. I’m looking forward to seeing your new program. It sounds interesting!

  6. kalgutman says:

    Habit bomb,
    Excellent analogy. You might have something here. It only took years right? I know the feeling!
    I’m intrigued!

  7. BudDy62 says:

    I need to be more organised as I am just starting up a business, and was so inspired when I saw your website only yesterday, and have used simpleology for the first time today, pleased with myself and completed all the tasks I set and looking forward to my “morning brainstorm” tommorrow.

  8. LaReindeer says:

    Hi Mark,
     Well my story is a little less dramatic than others, I have found Simpleology a real life saver some days.
    I had taken myself from a deep state of depression only to find the underlying cause was anxiety. The mere thought of choosing what task to do next would have me in anguish for hours and nothing got done.
    I start my day now  writing ( well typing ) down all the things I need to do and want to do. Then I just follow the tools laid out in front of me to decide what is most important and where to start. It takes a lot of pressure off, which leads to actually things getting done, amazing.
    I am still wrestling with the anxiety bear but this tool is one thing I can always count on to help with my day.
    I still have the reminds taped to my monitor and treadmill, always there for me.
    I can believe now that I will be able to take control of my life and leave the anxiety for what it was meant to do….save me from a tiger, lol.
    Thanks for all your hard work and persistence

  9. PaulC.Koenig says:

    Hi Mark,
    Your system has changed my life. All areas have improved. Personal aspirations, goals, relationship, work, and business.
    My journey with Simpleology first began with a forum inbox message. I was debating the ethics of a questionable business model in a scam, when a member developed a sidetrack conversation with me. We discussed various aspects of work and business. My goals at the time were as unfocused as a pile of sand on the beach. I was building in too many directions at once. But kept getting washed back every high tide because I lacked concentrated focus. It was like having a massive pile of spagetti. Each noodle representing a different goal. I had all these directions I wanted to go, but could not organize them into a clear path of success.
    The forum poster noticed this, from various half finished projects we discussed. And recommended that I check out Simpleology. At the time Simpleology did not include courses for a cheap monthly rate. Instead each book and course cost in the hundreds or thousands.
    I saved money and purchased a few courses. Eventually buying, reading, and completing all of them.
    What I learned is that I had tons of big ideas. But no clear path to finishing them. I felt like I was accomplishing a lot. However, with nothing actually getting completed I had nothing to show. And the reality is a lot of incomplete projects will get you no-where fast.
    I was an army of ideas trying to reach the finish line. But the finish line was stranded out in the middle of the ocean, with no ships to bring us there. Then when finally creating a bridge a mile or so out to sea, we discovered the island was defended by a castle. And that castle burned down due to an un-planned bridge.
    I restructured my life using the praxis system to prioritize these goals and ideas. Breaking down each into smaller steps created the path, built the bridge to my goal. To finish my would-be accomplishments. My girlfriend use to mock the projects because they got finished. Now they do.
    And she supports them.
    Since I began my journey with Simpleology. I have completed marathons, going from never running a day, to finishing one within a 6 month time frame. Learned that barefoot running is healthy and participated in research studies on the topic. Become the most productive person at my day job, making my position indispensable, and shifted to working in a home office. Founded my own company with a partner. Learned to identify and stay clear of “junk reseller products”. Made amazing networking connections that have helped me along the way, including the voice actor Jon St. John (voice of ‘Duke Nukem’) as a business contact.
    I’ve helped companies develop successful marketing campaigns, and more importantly, improve the quality of life for their employees.
    In my personal life I’ve established a lifelong relationship with my girlfriend and recently found myself a singer in a heavy metal rock band whose members include an AAMC award winning musician, with a potential financing backer that we probably won’t need.
    I’ve had the pleasure of watching Simpleology 1.0 evolve into the system it is today. And have learned from and met many mentors and friends.
     I’m a strong believer in constant education. Learning more grows the mind and helps one think outside of the box. You can attend a seminar, read a book, or complete a course that you believe you have mastered and come out learning a new trick or technique.
    I know others who do the same……..but what baffels me is few are open to learning ways to improve how to structure their life. So many people desperately want to escape their life situations, their work environments. Yet they become frozen and cannot seem to find where to start. They’ve tried this, or tried that. And give up. It’s too complicated or too much effort.
    And to those and others I’ve always recommended Simpleology. Why? Well, who does not have 5-10 minutes a day? A few minutes to set goals. Focus your mind. And make that change.
    5-10 minutes that will straighten their path, and break down their ideas and goals into smaller steps allowing themself to get more done and reach their dreams.
    It is my belief that you can achieve any goal if you are focused on getting there. One should do today what others won’t, so tomorrow you can do what others can’t. Nothing is impossible to one who tries.
    I’m at a point where I could quit my day job if I want to. But I am holding onto it for a year, maybe two to make sure my business continues to grow. Or maybe I’ll decide to keep doing both.And it’s all thanks to the simple act of breaking down goals. So I wanted to reach out to you and say thank you Mark!!

  10. JonChristianJervert says:

    With the help of Simpleology and a simple question my life was transformed. The question was, “do you love what you do?”
    It is a very simple question, but answering it is huge. The process has truly changed my life forever and others along the way.
    Here is a quick list of what applying simpleology  and a few key principles has done in my life, and if a laid back surfer dude can do it you can too.
    Left a crappy job with long hours and no flexibility (that happened to pay well) but left me miserable and burnt out every day.
    Went back to school and honed my knowledge in a completely different industry in essence starting a career from scratch after 10 year.
    Met and have been mentored by industry legends, guys I have looked up to my entire life. Not only meeting but developed business partnership.
    Left the county for two months to live in Costa Rica with the support of my Family which, led to one of the most breakthrough periods in my life.
    Checked off big life list goals like, bungee jumping, skydiving, mountain climbing, completing one of the toughest races on the planet, and surfing the longest left hand break in the world.
    Moved into a new home
    Was able to say yes to my wife when she asked for a BMW. (Which, was lost in hurricane sandy) so now I got to work on that one again. LOL.
    Have more time to volunteer for charities and good causes
    Love what I do and spend more time with my kids, actually I stayed home full time for two years with my kids.And most recently traveled with my family while running multiple adventures for a group of 10+ students in Costa Rica
    I now go to work at 10am, work 1 minute form the beach and can sneak in a surf session when the waves are up but most importantly when my daughter looks into my eyes and asks me “Dad do you love what you do” I can honestly say yes.
    So do you love what you do? This is the question I want to haunt you.
    It’s all about having more fun, more adventure, and more success while living life to the fullest.
    The first step is to accept the challenge and start living your dream.
    The next step is to use Simpleology, Thanks Mark

  11. Mommy0427 says:

    This may be a surprise, but retires also use Simpleology. After I retired, I didn’t know what to do with my time. After 25 years of working, I was conditioned to be busy from 8-5 and sometimes on weekends. So, I found myself feeling restless and became the worst procrastinator! Ahhh, I said, I don’t have to wake up early anymore and fight the morning traffic and I can sleep in! Well, that soon turned into a very nasty habit. My days became unproductive as I created a mind set that being retired meant I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t feel like doing. I became even more restless and devoted myself and most of my time in front of my computer. I became desperate to find something productive to do , as i was beginning to feel like a failure, so I went to google and I found Simpleology and decided to try it. I thought it was weird at first, but I was determined to get out of my slump. Little did I know that Simpleology helped me transition from an active working person to an active retiree. It helped me identify the blocks I make for excuses not to do things. And then it helped me how to break the mental blocks and create new ideas to keep active and create new and productive goals. What I absolutely loved was how it taught me how to organize my thoughts to make usable goals. I went through the lessons painfully – it was like my brain became reshaped – transitioned to look at things in a different way that worked. This was revolutionary for me as I had been taught to think inside the box all my life.
    I still use it today, and I am so impressed how Mark has given so much free stuff and is dedicated to perfect his program. Needless to say, I’m no longer a procrastinator and very happy that I’m now productive even in my retirement!
    Thank you Mark for your driven commitment!

  12. alan_steacy says:

    It’s taken a while, old habits die hard, but I credit Simpleology and your amazing courses with my decision to switch gears and pursue a freelance copywriting career. Change is difficult…the Simpleology “Start My Day” tool will now be even more essential to charting my path to success.

  13. TeddyStanowski says:

    Learned spanish…started an online business with internet marketing, and even reorganized my studio for maximum capacity! been using simpleology since 09!

  14. LimKengKee says:

    Simpleology makes organizing my thought easier. Before that, can you imagine the numbers of sticky notes on a board like doing facial mask using slices of cucumber? It’s all around. Sometimes I missed out the important notes (Most of the time maybe). One day, when one of my friends posted a link mentioning how to make your life easier. This immediately grabbed my attention. Just one click to the link and my life really becomes easier. Since then, I jot down my ideas/tasks using Simpleology and I strike them one by one. It’s easy as clapping hands. If you were to ask me for sticky notes, probably you will get my response like “WHAT? You don’t need to stick the notes anymore using Simpleology.” Save trees and love Simpleology! =)

  15. ssamson says:

    In 2001, I got ill.
    It was inside my head, inside my mind. It was in Martinique.
    Somewhere, living kind of stopped, and the doctors weren’t really helping.
    Felt mighty lonely in there.
    I’m a thinker, and thinking wasn’t really happening.
    So ‘Mr Instincts’ took over.
    Screen years were here.
    Someone gave me a TV, and I would watch all the happy home-like films I could. They became this link to living creatures and they saved me.
    But then, as I moved in with family, Mr Instincts moved to another screen, looking for ‘something’.
    I had come to South America, and here I was travelling on internet, every day and many nights.
    One day, I saw the word Simpleology. What a word ! It felt like a touch of light.
    Simple ? Could it be simple to come back home inside myself ?
    .. I remember taking forever to download and print the courses I’d buy.
    I remember going through the lessons over and over, like on a roller coaster ride that wasn’t stopping.
    I would spend hours trying to finish the ‘Start my Day’..
    Suddenly, Simpleology traced a map back to a life that could be mine.
    After years, I went back into teaching English. It didn’t mean that  I could do everything else (like open envelopes stacked up for months on a table). But the teaching came back, and that was so unexpected – and  practical !
    Then, I did something miraculous: I went back into studying. I just graduated as an IIN Health Coach and it feels like another world.
    Now I even think I’ll be able to buy a little house.
    And that’s a lot better than drooling in some institute !
    Some of the fog is still around in my head. But I got the map. Simpleology showed me how to draw it  from the bits and pieces scattered in my mind. And that’s a pretty powerful thing to be able to do through a screen !
    I sure have to thank Mark Joyner for having such faith in what he’s doing.
    So, thank you Mark Joyner !

  16. magyarkuki says:

    In 2005, I left my cushy, high paying international relations job that I had worked my way up to from the store room picking bench at the age of 18 to start my own business. It just wasn’t enough…the daily grind, the same people, the same work. I couldn’t handle it anymore. 
    Using the experience and knowledge I had learnt from my job, I started nurturing my first ever business at the age of 23. In reality, I had no clue but I also had no fear and by 2011 I had morphed the business into something that was turning over almost 3 million dollars. 
    At the same time though, with that amount of revenue came rising expenses and without practical experience, some foolish mistakes and a slowing economy, things started to go downhill. With the decline of the business came the decline of my sanity and also my health. I had been extremely fit, always motivated and nothing could stand in my way. But the pressure was too much. I became a self confessed alcoholic, quit the gym and couldn’t do anything. I would wake up and dread having to get out of bed and go to the office. I hated every second of having to listen to customer complaints, supplier demands for money and all the other headaches. I was in a dark place. I’d come home, sit on the couch and drink until I passed out, wake up and then do it all again. 
    I placed the company into liquidation and lost everything. Everything that I had worked for since I was 18. Houses, cars, money…I had nothing left but at the same time, I felt FREE. Free like I did that first day I woke up in 2005 and knew the day was mine and that I didn’t have to head to the office. 
    Although I had nothing left, this feeling of being free and no longer having to constantly put out fires gave me the strength to want to start again, become the person I was back in 2005 when I had the confidence to try anything and keep going until I succeeded. 
    I stumbled onto Simpleology online and signed up for the free account. I was immediately hooked. Eventually I upgraded to Premium/Elite and completed all of the courses but it was 101 that ultimately changed everything for me. Teaching me to lay things out neatly, focus on one thing at a time and stay away from distracting habits and processes was like some revolutionary science to me. I had the Memory Joggers plastered all over my walls at home – in the toilet, in the bedroom, anywhere I would visit frequently, there would be a Simpleology A4 piece of paper stuck to the wall. My girlfriend thought I was nuts. 
    I continued studying the Simpleology courses and completing Start My Day and things once again started to flow for me. My confidence was growing, I gave up drinking, went back to the gym and started implementing the actions that were required to complete my short, medium and long term goals. 
    Only 15 months have passed since my last journey came to an abrupt halt but in that time, Simpleology, through features like “Start My Day” and “Dreamcatcher”  have helped me to get back on track and regain the belief and mindset that previously had me flying high. 
    I have paid off my debt, bought a car, smash it at the gym every day and have two new businesses that I operate with three more in development. Without Simpleology, its education and its features, I most certainly wouldn’t have been able to climb out of the dark hole I found myself in at the end of 2011 and I most certainly wouldn’t be able to handle the high speed motorway that my brain is. As I mentioned, before Simpleology it proved impossible for me to handle just one business…I’m now on the verge of running five at once and it’s possible…only because of the order that Simpleology creates!
    I forgot the most important thing…I’m happy again! I joke, I poke fun and knowing where I am and where I’m going keeps a permanent smile on my face! Thank you Mark Joyner and all of the team at Simpleology!

  17. SorinIoan says:

    I’ve discoverd this blog 2 years ago and it was a real shock.
    Since always I was lookinfg the simplest way to do the things from my life.
    How to do sport in the simplest way but with maximum benefits.
    How to create valuabe content on my blog.
    How to enjoy the each moment of my life.
    I was doing this proces on an intuitive level and I truly belive that all of are seaching for this towards evolution.
    Simpleology gave me the confimation that I’m doing a very good job and I’m on the right wat to become my best version, an example for me and after fo others.
    Thank you for all the great information you gave to me.

  18. Mike_MMA says:

    I’m going to be honest, I’m not really good at telling stories. But, I can simply tell you how simpleology helped me to turn my life around.
    I was psychologically addicted to cannabis, but through simpleology and additional education I could get rid of this by adapting more healthy habits. Since then, I’m doing physical training consistenly three times a week, and I have adapted my diet. Not that I had any weight problems, but because I CAN do it and it’s nothing but rational.
    I’m 22 years old and in about one month I’m becoming the head of my own company.
    If I wouldn’t have learned how to manage my life efficiently, I probably would do nothing but smoking pot and killing time with meaningless activities.
    But that wouldn’t make me happy. Using my energy and time to create something MEANINGFUL however does. Simpleology is the way to do exactly that, and if you want to be happy… learn to manage your life… use simpleology!

  19. Marijan_F says:

    Hi everyone,
    like some of you over here, I stumbled upon Simpleology at 2009 by reading some blog (from Frank Rumbauskas Jr., where he recommended Simpleology to be THE productivity system which would transform the way how I live.
    Now, since I’ve been trying to do GTD for quite some time, by that time, I was sceptic because whatever I would do to get myself organized, it would eventually fail or not give me satisfiable results. So I decided I would try the free membership first and pass the 101 courseware to see what is it all about.
    Well, I am glad that I did since I found one thing I was constantly lacking with GTD system: it gave me means to get organized but not the means how to get out of problems I was facing or how to improve what I was doing. It gave me tools but not the process and thinking. Simpleology opened my eyes and gave me all of that plus tools. So I decided to pay for the Elite membership.
    After almost a year of membership and going through different courseware I ran into financial issues and decided I could do with free version or switch back to GTD only to save money.
    After a few months I was still going nowhere and I flt like i am missing something to put me on a right track again. I couldn’t comprehend what was it but I was going deeper and deeper down, losing energy, time AND money fast.
    Then one day, few weeks ago, I opened up Simpleology subscription email I received and read through ‘What is Simpleology – part I’ (at least I think it was part I) blog post and on the page there it was: we’ll give you 2 months free trial of Elite. I took the chance and started to use Simpleology again every day.
    Now, only after a few weeks of comeback here are the results:
    1. I stabilized my finances and I am going for upward again
    2. I have much more energy and feel like I could get and do anything
    3. I have confidence in me and my capabilities again
    4. My wife noticed the difference in my behavior and our relationship is getting better day-by-day now
    5. I started to finally grow the business I am responsible for much more quickly and with less effort than before
    So, it didn’t made me rich (yet ;) ) but I am on a good path to become happier, more productive and more satisfied with myself than ever before. And financial improvement will come, I am almost 100% sure, even though the recession over here is Croatia is not giving us a lot of opportunities.

  20. artsgirl says:

    I haven’t used Simpleology all that long so I’m sure my story won’t be as inspiring as those of the people who’ve been power users for years. But in the short time I have used it, it’s made an inspiring difference to ME.
    I have been trying to start a business for a little over three years. I’ve had the name, the domain, and the overall idea for the business for all that time. What I haven’t had was the courage to follow through any further.
    I think it might have been the wording of “Dreamcatcher” that got me to put my dream-business stuff in there as well as my “must-do” to-do list. You know – not just everyone else’s priorities, but mine as well. Putting them into something called a Dreamcatcher seemed more realistic than putting my silly dreams on an actual, serious To Do list.
    But something happened then when I saw those dreams in there all the time… I was getting this constant reminder of what I really, really wanted to be doing. Of where I knew I should be making an impact.
    Since starting to use Simpleology, I’ve found, vetted and hired a web designer to bring my business to life. I’ve approached a number of prospective first clients even before the site is live. I’ve created an app as an important part of the business. I’ve registered the business as an official legal entity with my city, and consulted with an attorney and an accountant about how I need everything set up legally and financially for this point of the business.
    It’s no longer a dream business. It’s a reality business.
    I’m a self-help junkie. I’ve read every book ever written on procrastination, habits, and willpower. I’ve tried GTD and Master Your Now and Franklin Covey and just about every other major organizational and productivity system out there. But a few months on Simpleology and my three-year dream because a reality almost faster than I could say “Start my day.”

  21. klapoehn says:

    I have been an administrative assistant at a higher education institute for the past 12 years. When I came across Simpleology many years ago, I thought I had died and gone to heaven!
    This system has been so instrumental in keeping me on task and organized in a position that has many, many components to it.  The fact that I can keep track of my personal an professional life in one place in a system that isn’t owned by a government entity is a blessing in itself.
    I use this system every single day to keep track of my work assignments and ways to move forward with my own personal goals. The fact that I have a place to ‘hold’ things until they actually have to be executed has removed some major distractions for me in the way of not having to review a daunting task list every morning.  While I still have a few issues with overestimating what I can actually accomplish in a day,  this system has brought to light how I spend my time, how I can improve my performance and keeps me organized in a very busy life.
    One of the many goals that I created  was to return to school and complete a degree.  I created a plan with Simpleology to achieve that goal, and I am happy to report that I will be graduating this spring not only with Associates in General Studies, but also a certificate in Holistic Health.  I will be using many other components in Simpleology to create a plan of action for a part time business as an advocate for the general public.
    Mark, I can’t thank you enough for bringing this program to the public and making it accessible for all who strive to simplify their lives and move forward with creating success.
    Kerrie Lapoehn

  22. NikolaKindRad says:

    Here’s my story. It started around 2006 when I was getting interested in Internet Marketing and Self-Improvement. I was reading books, searching internet, watching videos and trying out some of what I found.
    Around that time I came across Simpleology website and I immediately liked the idea of simplifying things and becoming more productive. I joined the site and went through 101 course right away. I liked it a lot and it helped me to understand how to break down my huge problems into small chunks and deal with them one at a time.
    Since that time I went through a few more Simpleology courses and learned some pretty cool stuff about Health, Money Management, Business and Success.
    I definitely see more results when I use the system systematically, pun intended. And when I do I see things happening and make progress in the areas I am seeking improvement in.
    Clarity and Focus are my Success Mantras. When I know what I want and I go for it I am guaranteed to achieve great results. It was hard to live without this knowledge and I Learned it from Simpleology in a simple and fun way. Thank you Mark Joyner and the team!

  23. SerhatSo says:

    My way to Simpleology was a little bit bitter. At the top of my career as a product manager, I was fired for an unknown reason. My chiefs had told me that my performance was not sufficient. I’d shown them the statistics, and they said, “Impressive work.”
    Then, I asked, “How can you say that I am no good?”
    They replied, “There are a lot of reasons.”
    I went to an attorney and arraigned them, which took several months, and I had to go on working, yet degraded by the employer and given a ridiculous job. Shortly afterward, I was the best product manager in the company until dismissal, and right after, I was the one to be mobbed harshly.
    At the same time, our twins turned one year old after a long hospital stay. They were born in their sixth month, so the first year was a very risky year. My wife has suspended her university education for the birth. She wanted to start again after the twins reached their first year. Since we had no relatives in the city where we were living, it was not possible for my wife to go back to university. The main reason for this was that the babies got ill very quickly; therefore, she needed to stay at home. Sometimes, they just cried all the day for weeks, and she had to stay at home with twins at home. She was psyhcologically at the end. She was a living dead. I thought to myself, if I don’t change something, we won’t have a family soon. We decided to move somewhere near to my parents-in-law. They could take care of the babies, my wife could take a deep breath, return to normal and start again with the university.
    The math seemed correct with one exception: the place where we moved to was way too quiet. I have always lived in the center of the big cities. Living in a village where you don’t see a living thing for hours was not the way I always dreamed of. I was literally not happy. On the other hand, I had seen my wife get back to normal and the babies become happy. That was a good thing. At least we have done something right, I thought to myself. In the following weeks, I started to become very quiet. I didn’t want to see anybody; I closed thecurtains, sat in front of the computer and did nothing the whole day. I day dreamed for weeks and months. I thought about the whole process of my dismissal and the whole court process.
    I was right. I had done an impressive job; I had launced a huge project with just two people on my side, both newbies. I had made the product one of the most successful products ın the market. But in the end, I got accused of being not good. This had really taken my self-confidence to the bottom. I started to make plans for my own business. Each day, I woke up saying to myself, “Today, you are going to change your life.” Weeks went by, but nothing changed. I actually gave up on me. I told everyone that I am going to do this and that, but in reality, I knew that I was not able to do anyhing. I was literally living in a vegetative state.
    During one of these days as I was doing the best thing I could, namely procrastinating, I stumbled upon a forum thread where a user was talking about his success in e-commerce. He was saying that he makes a plan and uses Simpleology for productivity. Me being a person who used each and every method, like GTD, zen and pomodoro, though to myself that this wasjust another “productivity” tool. It seemed to me that the only ones getting productive using these tools were the ones who developed them. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try. First, I learned to how to use Simpleology. Then, discovered a firefox plugin with surf disraptor. I started making plans a night before. Every morning, I took a look at my plan and started working. I tried this at first for two days. It was functioning. I challenged myself with a huge goal, to do it for thirty days.
    At this point, I need to mention something: even though I have never consulted a doctor about this, I think that I have ADHD, which is a sort of attention deficit, some say shiny object syndrom. Put me in front of a computer and show me one interesting thing, and I can jump through different pages and subjects for weeks without sleeping. Surf disraptor was the rescue for me and what a rescue! I literally struggled not to lose focus. I failed multiple times throughout the day, but I never gave up. Surf disraptor always took me back to the right track. I’ve learned how to effectively use dream catcher so nothing “shiny” and real important can pass me by. The next morning, it was easy to delete the non-related stuff and focus on the stuff with high priority. Using Simpleology had brought me to the right track again.
    I have forgotten and forgiven the happenings at my last job. I have started my own company with mobile apps that is going very well. My family is happy again. I am sure that this was not possible without Simpleology and its techniques, which took me to the right path. Every time I see people without any lust for life and any focus, I tell them to use Simpleology. I saw many people changing their life using it. Thanks to all, Simpleology team.

  24. Ronda Del Boccio says:

    I found Simpleology back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. haha well not really, but it was ages ago in internet terms, and as I reflect upon it now, I realize 2 things:
    1. People always comment that I get so much done and wonder how I do it. I tell them Simpleology 101 helped me strategically organize my time. I am forever grateful.
    2. I can feel the Simpleology methods coming out along with my author mentoring. I endeavor to get people thinking strategically, and this system is a big part of what helped me think about time and energy in strategic terms.
    The system has become a part of me in many subtle ways. Thanks Mark!
    Follow your bliss!
    Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady

  25. rufusther1 says:

    I came in contact with Simpleology in 2009.  For almost 10 years I had been trying to become financially free through an Internet business of some sort. I had used courses, bought products and done almost everything I had seen the “successful” Marketers were doing but it just didn’t happen for me.
    By 2009 I was in a desperate financial situation.  My health although never very good was rather critical, mostly due to stress and financial pressures.  I felt like I was in a run-away tram going down a steep hill on a dead-end street.  I didn’t know where to turn.
    Simpleology became the light at the end of the tunnel. I began the Business Coaching Course towards the end of that year and along the principles and laws that Simpleology 101 and 102 taught me I began the journey back.  I had a short phone mentoring session with Mark which really set a course for me to follow.  Now even when I haven’t done my Start My Day I find I am applying those principles into my daily activities.  So I hear you say “Now you are a high flying Internet Marketer having time to spend as I like”, no.  But I am in a far better position than any time previously.
    At the moment the excavators, jack-hammers and bulldozers are down below ground level securing a firm foundation clearing away the 60 + years of trying to do it myself. I had thought that I just needed to make some money then I could get my life back together. Mark taught me the reverse.  I have a clear plan of where I am going and I am convinced that what I am seeking for will come to pass.
    Simpleology has been more than a daily routine, it has been a saviour.  I cannot imagine where I would be had I not found Simpleology.  I can say probably not alive; at best divorced and broke and some intuition. I can say without any doubt Simpleology saved my life.

  26. WinkJones says:

    Today I was reminded by my assistant Melissa Sharp of why I use Simpleology.  I had gotten way too busy to “bother” doing my Start My Day and checking off the finished tasks I had set for myself.  I was working ten to twelve hours a day and had no time to waste for such foolishness.
    Finally I lost it one day and screamed at someone who frankly, deserved to be screamed at, but because they deserved it there was NO WAY that it was going to help.  Period.
    Frustrated beyond belief and receiving one of Mark Joyner’s blog posts while still in a state of overload I read it and with a sigh of, “Well it worked pretty well for several years, what could trying it again hurt?” I sat down the next morning and did my Start My Day, taking thirty minutes to do it because I was so lost.
    Frankly, the new set up works so smoothly that I am not sure how long it would have taken to do it on the old set up.  (Hey, its new to me, okay?  How long it has been there I am not sure, but it seems new!)  
    I ended up with a list that was WAY TOO LONG.  ”I’ll never get this all done today,” I thought.
    By the end of the day, it was all done, and in less than eight hours instead of the ten to twelve I was accustomed to working.  
    Today I am down to two items on today’s list that will take me another hour to do, but I still have an hour and a half before my eight hours are up, so, I am taking a few minutes of “personal time” to share this.
    Back to Melissa.  This morning she said during our morning meeting that she really appreciated my thoughtful and calm attitude that I had been exhibiting lately.  I asked her what she meant.
    She said, “You are so much calmer now when things don’t go perfectly and you are getting every thing done that you promise me in the mornings instead of telling me that you will get it done today, and today and today for several days in a row before you get it done.  This in spite of my having been gone most of last week to a convention and needing to catch up on a weeks worth of work.  It is now Wednesday afternoon, and I am caught up in only three days.
    In fact, during those three days, I have accomplished more MEANINGFUL WORK than I was getting done in a seven day work week.
    Sigh.  I got to thinking that when I was too busy I could skip a day or two of my Start My Day sessions.  What I really have had hammered into my head since I started doing them again is that it is WHEN i AM TOO BUSY THAT I NEED IT THE MOST!!!!!!!!!
    For a hint of how important it is for me, please understand that my assistant Melissa lives in New Jersey and is a virtual assistant since I live in Boise, Idaho.  We have a Skyope meeting every morning and lay out the day’s tasks.  If she can sense my calmness from that far away, I must have been really radiating bad vibrations.  I hate to even think of running this business without her, so I better be radiating calmness and competence if I want to keep her on the team.
    Thanks Mark, I do not have time to do it wrong, and with your help I am getting it done correctly in less time than it takes to do it wrong.
    Wink Jones

  27. deeshakc says:

    Had first used simpleology back in 2008, when i was in med school and my whole life had become a disorganised overwhelming mess.Lectures,studies,exams,errands. It was too much for me and i just closed myself and did nothing,since it all seemed too much to handle. I just felt it was too hard to cope. In my desperation to find something to put some order and sense into my life, i turned to Mr Google who led the way to Simpleology. I was hooked.I loved the webcockpit, the simpleology 101 course(please reintroduce that, it was so helpful), the simple and clean interface and the simplicity of it all. All ur to do list in one place with an ability to prioritise it. And the daily praxes and targets were like goals of the day to me and i felt driven. It felt good to get stuff done and come back and cross them off the list and see the list get smaller. I was looking forward to logging in everyday!
    Yes,it may sound dramatic, but simpleology did change my life,for the better,just by simplifying it and breaking it down for me. I loved the lessons snd wanted more when it was over.
    Then, i graduated med school and life happened(got married,moved to a new country)….and now years later when i need to study again to pass board exams to be able to work here, i turned back to Simpleology again. It did change- many improvements…but the basis is the same…i wish you still had the simpleology 101 though.
    I now really want to try pro or elite.And my husband works with business development and sales so i think your pro/elite features may be good for him too.We will see how it is and if he likes it,he can get his own pro/elite account.
    I wish u guys had an ipad app too. Atm i use it on my tablet’s browser but im glad it at least functions as well as on the PC.
    Thanks for making my life more organised and for motivating me,Mark!

  28. Mark Joyner says:

    Paul Tuting just sent this story in via our helpdesk …
    I came in contact with Simpleology in 2009. For almost 10 years I had been trying tobecome financially free through an Internet business of some sort. I had used courses, boughtproducts and done almost everything I had seen the “successful” Marketers were doing but itjust didn’t happen for me.
    By 2009 I was in a desperate financial situation. My health although never very good wasrather critical, mostly due to stress and financial pressures. I felt like I was in a run-awaytram going down a steep hill on a dead-end street. I didn’t know where to turn.
    Simpleology became the light at the end of the tunnel. I began the Business Coaching Coursetowards the end of that year and along the principles and laws that Simpleology 101 and 102taught me I began the journey back. So now even when I haven’t done my Start My Day Ifind I am applying those principles into my daily activities.
    So I hear you say “You are a high flying Internet Marketer having time to spend as I like”,no. But I am in a far better position than any time previously.
    At the moment the excavators, jack-hammers and bulldozers are down below ground levelsecuring a firm foundation clearing away the 60 + years of trying to do it myself. I have aclear plan of where I am going and I am convinced that what I am seeking for will come topass.
    Simpleology has been more than a daily routine, it has been a saviour. I cannot imaginewhere I would be had I not found Simpleology. I can say probably not alive; at best divorcedand broke and some intuition. I can say without any doubt Simpleology saved my life.

  29. CraigMeagher says:

    “CODENAME-INTEGRATED MATRIX”, Simpleology changed me forever and like all great things will continue to do so. A.I. on integrated auto mode, 101 along with 102 and 103,took my Pro MMA path to wellness of self bringing forth deep inner courage, of find the sage within to transform the world without. This is “become like water”  as spoken by Bruce Lee. this is the “JEET KUN DO” of the internet can and should we put a price on a lifetime of wisdom that evolves with time as a  3d web developer html5 stereoscopic pages that will become Holographic before your very eyes. I look forward to the days ahead and further integrating this tool that has become so great in my life as a Facebook Developer I see how this will allow us to further transform the future of the cloud web net based programs such as AJAX and other I/O platforms bringing all social media one step closer to the worlds you never knew were there the places you thought you would never see becoming fearless in the storm with a fully integrated mind at the rate of the speed of light balance is the key here seek when the student is ready the teacher appears that’s what Simpleology has become a endless supply of wealth. @Mark Joyner James Butzen

  30. Ken Nazar says:

    You Know What? I am dying to try this Simpleology v.5 too.
    My thought is: it could do the trick to get me on track every day instead of 1 day, once a month, if lucky. Doing basically nothing. My rewards have been huge with Simpleology. I lost my life and a billion dollar company in to a Predator Bank and a couple of Predator Partners. All my fault is the way I see it….It took me to long to move on and recover.
    If I used Simpleology every day or even once a week the fact is it is clear that I would have recovered in 3 to 6 months. Not 5 years or a lifetime to actually get to what what and where I am now.
    Shame on me and I mean it from the bottom of my heart.
    Just think how my dependents and family suffered and shame on me.
    ” A student in self control who has not mastered 1% even (in my humble estimation) by far of simpleology or life or anything. This student does understand one thing though…IT IS… all about what YOU / ME / I (finally evolving to I) I can change in myself. NOT, what we or I can change in others. That is unless your the coach or the PUSH in Oilfield speak.” Simpleology and Mark are my main coach and PUSH. There are others but this is where it is all at for me. At one point my only outside contact for a long dark period. No I was not in Jail but I was on the street in a foreign country basically abandoned. Worse than Jail or beyond hell. If you can see your deficiencies it’s a bad sign and I sure could.
    I have learned from Mark and Simpleology and all involved on the silent end of things supporting Mark and the systems as well. Things that have answered a lifetimes worth of super hard questions. Thank you all. For me this is a ground zero direct hit coming up.
    I am going to put this on my linked in account.
    Quote “Dr. Suss and the Lorax”
    ” it’s not about what it is now? It is about what it will become”
    Simpleology is becoming better than me and I could only wish to measure up.
    Thank you all at Kudo’s and more….

  31. Sternlight says:

    I’m a career procrastinator. Once I get into flow state I can and have accomplished miracles. The problem is getting there. I was one of the first subscribers to Simpleology, but ended up automatically archiving mail.
    Simpleology 5 has solved the problem. With the tutorials, and the process it is now simple (no pun intended) to learn the process, which quickly gets one into the highly productive flow state. I’m now a believer.
    David Sternlight, PhD

  32. ShenaliRathnayake says:

    Guys just sharing, I’ve found this interesting! Check it out!

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