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The Everyman’s Superpower (Part 2: Our Banged Up Lives)

(continued from Part 1)

Bootcamp is not a correspondence course.

It’s one helluva right of passage, but you’ve got to physically be there.  No way around it.

Even though this little Simpleology tribe of ours is so close-knit, we’re not all in the same location.  So, we have to employ some tricks to make this long-distance rite of passage work.

For example – before we begin, I’d like to send you on a 20 second mission …

Can you guess what The Everyman’s Superpower is yet?  

Even if you can’t, scroll to the bottom and post your best guess.  

Yes, if you get it right I’ll give you more than just a nod.  You might even get something nice just for trying. More about that later.  For now, just play along.  It’s part of the process, so please … really do this now.

Mission accomplished?

OK, let’s continue …

Look, rites of passage by definition, have to be both challenging and transformative.  (Bootcamp and the like are as tough as our modern sensibilities will tolerate.  We can’t dangle young kids over volcanoes to teach them self-reliance anymore.)

So, I have to warn you now: I’m going to play with your mind – hard – over the next few posts.

Take the above mission, for example.  Why did I ask you to hazard a guess?  Well, I know if I can pique your curiosity, and more importantly your active curiosity, this lesson is far more likely to stick.  (Hey, it’s a little more humane than dangling you over a volcano.  You’re welcome.)

I will explain a few of the things I’m doing to your mind as we go along.  Some of it, though, will be pure stealth.  Along the way I’m going to be dropping clues in very unlikely places.  And here again, some will be overt and some will be stealth.  (A huge clue is stealthily buried somewhere above, for example.  Did you catch it?)

Now, some folks (not you, of course), will scream that it’s not fair.  ”You tricked me!”

Yep.  Guilty.  Fair warning has been issued, so let the (mind) games begin …

Rites of passage can take many forms and ours can be viewed as a guided archeological expedition.

If you play along to the end you’ll know The Everyman’s Superpower.

But you won’t just know it.  You’ll know it such that you will never forget it.

What we are searching for is no less than an explanation for our past failures – and the key to our future success.

No matter what has happened in our lives thus far … No matter how old we are … No matter how deep our scars … The Everyman’s Superpower trumps all.

It has the power to redeem past mistakes – and to transform tragedy into triumph.

Now some folks (not you, of course) might say …

“How dare you.  You don’t know my life.  You don’t know what I’ve been through.”

And they’d be right.  I don’t.

But there is something I do know.

Giving up is how most failure happens, of course.  It’s easy to forget that when we are under the hypnosis of the past.

How then, do we remember?

More about that in Part 3 …


  • Tonya Culbertson


  • James Jimenez

    The mental reset

  • Joseph A Pingel

    Think and grow rich philosophy

  • Kelly Barrs


  • Shaun Carrigan

    the answer is within

  • Beverly Nixon

    The power of choice

  • martinmessier

    Insane, maniacal focus

  • Peter D

    Focus on what you want and don’t get distracted.

  • Ray Whittaker

    I’m thinking focus and perseverance.

  • Perseverance

  • Sorry Steve, I accidentally replied to your comment instead of putting my reply at the top level thread.

  • Decision

  • Janice Bacote Funchess

    I’m thinking focused action

  • Joe Christadore

    Ability to create your now based on thinking, believing, knowing, and lastly doing.

  • Linda Leonard

    Imagination — it gives us the ability to create

  • Linda Leonard

    Hmm. I’ll take a second guess. Perhaps the superpower is perseverance.

  • Robert Watkins

    I think it is to FOCUS !

  • Nev D.

    BE present- in the moment. Be alert, attentive and available- BE….. present.

  • Doug Bolkema

    Employ tricks to make this long-distance right of passage work.

  • Arthienyer L. Fraser


  • Eduardo Cardenas


  • Rose James


  • faith that things will finally work out, so you can take action

  • Greens Zambasa Junior

    I would say focus

  • TechUser


  • Rosa Davis

    I think it’s passion and vision.

  • Glen Jacobs

    The ability to keep going

  • Isabel Smyth


  • Dennis Barakos


  • Jason F.



  • Joe Sullivan

    Patience, perseverance, action.

  • Old Nikko

    Factually (!!! – not assumptions or false conclusions) knowing what doesn’t work based on experiences (either yours or those of others), freeing you to try what may work, and/or what has worked for others. If “it” works a little bit, fine tune and adjust “it” so that whatever it is, “it” works a lot. Keep doing it until it doesn’t work, then do something else.

    Wash, rinse and repeat until the pain of poverty goes away.

    …or not.

  • Menno Tabbernal

    Inducing fear into yourself and a worst case scenario if you do not achieve the goal in the short time frame you set

  • Nancy Hall

    I’m thinking……it’s the “HABITS” around efficient time management = the Simpleology platform that helps us squeeze all the efficient droplets of ‘doing’ out of each day.

  • Andrea

    Taking action

  • Virginia Reeves

    How about belief and faith in yourself.

  • Ivaylo Aleksiev

    right thoughts

  • Karen Ryce

    Desire, as I remember…

  • Starlady


    You know the thing about eating an elephant one bite at a time? Well you have to make a habit of eating an elephant burger every day. Once it’s a habit, the default is to keep doing it. And it’s amazing how far you get in a year with (say) ten minutes of German in the morning and 15 minutes after work.

    Of course changing your habits isn’t easy.

    Now excuse me, I have to go do a vocabulary drill.

  • Michael Drew

    Persistence (habit). A ‘modest’ stream of water carved the Grand Canyon out of rock.

  • Joseph C Anderson

    Burning Desire

  • Cathy Raab Hastings


  • Gulia Beck

    Good plan and an

  • JC2746

    Rites of Passage.

  • Dann King

    The ability to actively listen

  • Oh no, I’ve played this before and I forgot the answer! Persistence?

  • Barry Gleeson

    Knowing what and more importanly WHy you want to accomplish something, forming a plan abdcsticking to that plan day in and day out.

  • Lynda Bowman

    Clarity, performance necessity, courage

  • Alex Leadbetter


  • Aarron Light


  • Harry Cox


  • Scott Vogt


  • Anna Paradox


  • Bill Lennan

    Growth Mindset :-)
    It encompasses resilience, learning from unsuccessful hypothesis, and curiosity.
    Life’s a f’n adventure!!

  • Richard Muccillo MDDCM

    focus and discipline and never give up

  • Sam Eisenbeiser


  • Crystal Olds-Danner


  • Um Faisal Ibrahim

    His intuition

  • D’Arcy Mayo

    directed focus

  • Sebastino


  • Nancy E. Randolph


  • Spartan Racer

    Being present, physically there.

  • William Douglas

    An insane, fanatical, extraordinarily passionate, unyielding, unrelenting, laser-beam fixation on focus

  • Sheldon Snodgrass


  • Fred Bennett

    Free Will?

  • Jeremy

    I love this blog-thread… I think the super-power is focused attention :-)

  • kilmor77


  • Simon Brown


  • Aubin Katuku

    Chosen word

  • Lara Shane


  • Lennie Conger

    Truth, Faith, Hope, Desire, Passion, A Path(plan), Goals, oh the list goes on and I can say I can do it. Well yes, but it is much easier to do it together as a team. Never be afraid to ask for help, and provide help when you can. So as long as we all of us as people can continue to do those simple things it all works out. :-)

  • Dustin Duane

    not giving up.

  • Sean Hood



    Leveraged laser-focus

  • Gordana Nedeljkovic

    Reason and ability to make a decision on daily basis

  • Joe

    Letting go of the past

  • Clesia Mendes

    The Everyman’s Superpower is Choice.

  • Michael Leister


  • Maran Banta


  • PTS Office

    law of attraction?

  • Jerry Pinkman

    living in the now with focus

  • Rodney

    Being in the Zone by doing whatever lights you up!

  • Karina Suleimenova

    Just do it

  • Rafael Cabo Lazaro

    And the winner is…. (drum roll)…. Focus!!!

  • Arnaldo Paulino

    Fear is a state of mind, it doesn’t exist unless you think it does.

  • Loto Vázquez

    my guess: decision

  • Mary Warner


  • Codie Transue


  • Frederik Stock

    listen to your inner self + imagination = opportunity

  • Gary Rischitelli


  • Rigo Guerrero

    Self discipline

  • Karen Jones

    Just Write.

  • Don Robinson

    Written goals

  • Best

    Your imagination

  • photinacook

    Power of Decision. Rishitelli says Intention.
    Either way, it only works if you mean it: a real decision is followed by action.c

  • Michael McCleve

    Take action. Start. Do it.

  • discomfort

  • Robert

    Don’t let your Desire be striped from you. Keep it tiptop!

  • FOCUS!

  • Patrick Millerd


  • Kolja Lehmann-Muriithi


  • GRN

    Self-reflect. Planning and thinking about future events as deductive logical progression based on past experience. (main difference between man and other creatures on Earth).

  • Focus

  • Don Stevenson


  • Don Stevenson

    SELF-reliance; relying on a greater sense of self that can provide effortless flow

  • Lynn Fountain Campbell

    the ability to make a decision?

  • Eric

    Knowledge is power

  • Mike van Niekerk

    Taking action. Doing what you said you would, and never giving up.

  • Randy Watkins

    Passionate desire

  • Sandra Sterkel Flack

    thoughts … what we think because it is what creates our world

  • Sandra Sterkel Flack

    it’s will power

  • Toby Davis


  • Benjamin Barker

    The ability to change our own life and the world we experience, through our actions.

  • John Giammarco

    Self reliance, focus and action

  • Carl Dickens

    persistence and showing up

  • Adrik

    Power to change….

  • Patriot4ever

    Your Mind

  • Pam Lob

    A reward for taking action

  • Família TM

    Awareness, self-love and action

  • Discipline – the ability to do a thing that’s needed even when you don’t feel like it, and there are distractions around.

  • What’s Everyman’s Superpower? It’s unwavering, unyielding, undeniable Belief!

  • Joe Headrick

    Trust and belief

  • David Wellman

    Focus with persistence

  • Steve Oglesby

    Focus and perseverance

  • Letricia Blake


  • Dave O’Donnell

    Do what you have to to get started and then follow with focused action.

  • David

    Will power

  • Maggie York

    Focus and persistence

  • Mark Whyborn

    A person’s awareness to independently choose their thoughts regardless of appearances circumstances situations

  • Ismael Aviles


  • Brin May

    Make a plan and keep it simple -

  • Luna


  • Rohan Brown

    Making a decision, so certainty.

  • Being able to focus on what really matters and block out the distractions?

  • Colette F Saccomanno


  • Consistent action toward a meaningful goal

  • FAILURE! The knack of overcoming adversity.

  • Richard Stewart Smith

    Get past our failures…

  • Lisa Achilles

    Overcoming failure

  • Andrea S. Brown


  • Mal


  • Musli Bajraktari

    I think the everyman’s superpower is to put yourself under (time) pressure so you get stuff done FAST instead of allowing yourself to do things slowly & “perfectly”. Better done than perfect.

  • Rita Gabir

    to move on and never give up

  • Kris Birdsell

    the power of choice

  • Hollie M

    To do it. What ever it is.

  • Vince Warner

    The overwhelming desire to get it done whatever it takes.

  • Gopinathan Menon

    DO IT NOW!

  • Denise Bartlett

    Communicate with community.

  • Solbjoern Brajendra

    hit the target until you hit it :-)

  • Don’t sit on your butt, get up and do it.

  • Viper Vapors

    Desire. That is every man’s Superpower

  • Dallas Burnworth


  • Clue HQ Brentwood

    To write a book in a day likely requires flow

  • Action

  • Virginia Reeves


  • Valdeck Rowe

    The ability to keep moving forward

  • Sid

    Our power of Choice and the possibility–IF we use it to truly know– of awareness ( ie not a predetermined awareness, but true listening..) Annd, which goes along with it, curiosity, which is our truest faith in Life (faith =we know, not we’d just love it if it were so but don’t really Know so, to keep going etc etc. That’s too many religions on this earth that go there, and tweet. )
    Knowing is another thing entirely, and curiosity Knows that life’s already ;aking new plans for us, as it were, and that we are Loved….curiosity cuts away the story and gets us going forward into our next trues step than any story.

  • Stu Patterson


  • zackwhandley

    Set goals and accomplish them or keep trying

  • Daniel


  • Gary Wilson


  • Ability to change your mindset.

  • Building a tribe

  • Jason Carritt

    Laser Focus

  • Steph Wynne


  • Steph Wynne


  • Keith Mills


  • Steve ‘Doc’ Thompson


  • Chun Yu Dumex Leong


  • Kari Ann Schaffer


  • Valshalan Moody

    Be Present and an action taker.

  • hgpaul

    unwavering relentless desire

  • Paola Higuera


  • jorgebessudo

    Clarity of thought

  • Ben


  • Cam Fisher


  • Bob Marr


  • Stewart McClintock

    Take Action.

  • Miriam Jacobs

    Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.

    Viktor E. Frankl

  • Amanda Redman

    I may be out on a limb with this but the subconscious hypnotic state that for example allows you to drive home without realizing how you got there?

  • Roni Fraser


  • Augustin C. Pop


  • james micallef

    Being in the zone

  • Estanislao Chapel

    My guess … Focused awareness of his mission and committed action in order to achieve the desired result

  • Diane Brunette

    My super power is matter…it has to matter for me to be driven to do it. With that being said, it also takes a risk factor and a lot of self-love and self-trust. Those of us who know we can’t fail unless we quit and then there are those who quit because it didn’t work after one or two tries.

  • Consistent focus

  • Kayla


  • Dr M Ramakrishna Reddy

    Over coming the greatest enemy in oneself – PROCRASTINATION.

  • Carol Banayos

    Mindset of belief

  • cameron bailey


  • Action

  • Karen Doelker

    the ability to change our circumstances to overcome a challenge or dissatisfaction

  • Linda

    Consistent action.

  • Mel

    taking action

  • Jordan Richter

    The power of taking action!

  • Sam

    Productivity habit

  • Debi Pinella

    Using devastation to transform who we are and what we can do. “The way of Love is not a subtle argument. The door there is devastation. Birds make great sky circles of their freedom. How do they do it? They fall, and falling, given wing.” Rumi

  • Kurt Owen

    Ability to concentrate / focus!

  • Kelly

    Self belief

  • Dr. Robert Frost

    Taking action

  • Fern Wallach

    Consistency is the key.

  • Nick St Clare


  • Kelly Kam Ying Ming

    Consistent action?

  • Deborah Gillett

    Consistent action everyday.

  • Jeff Walters

    Laser focus

  • Dave

    Paying Attention

  • Brandon Wilborn

    Said Focus, now leaning toward Transformative Challenge

  • Deirdre Harter

    the ability to laser focus

  • Arlene Maitland

    No excuses

  • S. Nzinga Imhotep

    My Guess: high level of emotional intelligence

  • Louis Bourgarel Gc

    The ability to Transition from a dispersed state to a focused state

  • Larkinspirations

    Consciousness, presence, levering energetic awareness and mindfulness IN ACTION then letting it all FLOW through you when it is time.

  • John Scott


  • Your own intention

  • Pauly Gee

    focused action

  • Richard

    Tap into the subconscious and utilize it’s limitless powers.

  • William Coufreur


  • Little actions

  • Colleen St Goddard

    Conscious repetition and focus

  • Shirley Coello

    Communication with peers

  • Kate Lawrence

    Concentration Improved

  • Henry Anyimadu


  • Robyn Hoffman

    Prayer to Jehovah, humbly, but with faith, and with respect and regard for the Ranson sacrifice… in Jesus’ name, to Jehovah, with ironclad faith that is accompanied by a daily effort to do what the God of Love commands… tender, compassionate, powerful, loving, kind, … embody these attributes with the help of the Divine One, Jehovah… showing deep respect and love for his Son, following in those footsteps, and loving intensely from the heart, and never giving up… while being in greatly connected community with others sharing the same goals and purposes and acting upon these insights and aims regularly, daily, often, as a part of a newly or renewed-ly developing inner character, whose expression is love. So, in one phrase: Active, genuine LOVE.

  • dennisneal

    The Everyman’s Superpower is The Power of Focus.

  • Craig Caire

    consistent actions aka habits

  • Sarah Mathews


  • Kevin McGuire

    productivity/ action

  • Edward David


  • CREATIVITY! – The ability to create Love, Hope, Forgiveness (including to ourselves), Vision, and Resilience with every choice.

  • CREATIVITY! – The power to create, Love, Hope, Forgiveness (including yourself), Vision, and Resilience with every choice.

  • Ntate Mokoena II

    The power of choice

  • Brian Southwell

    The ability to dream

  • Wendy

    Open Mindedness

  • Vic2rio

    the power of focus!

  • Jonathan

    The ability to do what you should do when you should do it.

  • Maginel Galt

    Taking consistent action

  • Jose Urias


  • Sharon

    …operating as if you don’t have a choice and as if the task is the only thing.

  • Janeson Keeley


  • The superpower if faking it until you are making it.

  • Brenda Marugg

    Open mined empty cup

  • Nav Patel


  • Changed ut

  • Desyre

  • Jason De Los Santos

    Self transformation, rebirth.

  • Pete Bryceland

    Inspired Action

  • Drew Roots

    the superpower is already within all of us; it’s who or what we are and always have been.

  • Ashley Blocker Moore


  • Mary Riley

    One’s Imagination

  • Barbara Anne Smith

    Everyman’s superpower is self-awareness

  • Barbara Anne Smith

    Everyman’s superpower is self-awareness

  • Amero Guero

    Burning Desire

  • Dave Greene

    I AM my Superpower

  • Desiree Miller

    free will

  • Carroll Conklin


  • Allison Sells

    Our truest selves

  • Jennie Ieremia


  • Michelle LaValle

    being obedient to the Holy Spirit, intuition, the anointed moment …. whatever people call it.

  • Tony Kidd

    Time Management

  • self-reliance

  • Desire


  • Ian


  • Andrew T Soltow


  • Focus

  • Mick

    I think the ‘Super-Power’ is to – “Pay You Money to Join the Group”…?? Am I right?

  • Alex Le


  • Focus and concentration. Focused action.

  • Gip Erskine


  • Patrick Dinehart

    Every Man’s Super power may be the ability to actually EMP or destroy distractions and work on one thing at a time. Now I’ll read the rest of this post.

  • Virginia Reeves

    Perseverance and curiosity

  • Arthur D Bogdon

    Everyman’s superpower is “the power of choice”. The one thing that God gave us that even He won’t take away.

    • scotirish

      That’s right…

  • Everyman’s superpower is “Derivative Genius”. A superpower is not something that is God-Given, but something within the reach of everyone. Our superpower is to “derive” from the accumulated “Genius of All Time” and apply that new genius whenever we wish to whatever we wish.

  • Kathleen McPhee

    The subconscious mind

  • Susie Good

    Everyman’s super power is intuition. That gut feeling we get about things. I believe it is the Holy Spirit guiding us if woukd just get out of our own way and let it.

    • scotirish

      Good words, a prison school teacher told me God could change my life….we’ve been married 41 years now. Psalm 118 vs 23. This is the Lord’s doing…

  • Ted Harge

    100% Focus

  • annemb22

    I would say attention

  • evolvingstar


  • Send Aid


  • Everyman’s superpower is commitment and taking action to see things through.

  • Charles Bosworth

    Taking action.

  • Joseph Jazii McNeish

    The power to change your mind or influence another persons way of thinking .Will power/Action

  • Chris Jeong

    I’m going to guess that the everyman’s superpower is some kind of alter-ego like imagination?

  • Neil Ayers


  • Dr. Robert Frost

    Everyone’s superpower is to define an extremely desirable goal and return to it often for inspiration and drive.

  • Scott Pochron


  • LinearDivide


  • Scott Vogt

    Dedication to an idea/goal.

  • Wesker Ling


  • Cindy

    I’m thinking that the Everyman’s Superpower is useful habits.

  • Kathleen

    I guess that Everyman’s Superpower is the power of focus

  • Victor Cora


  • Dan Fainsh


  • Mike G Hartrich

    Understand your story. The next best step for you is a continuation of your Original Script. Be inspired by that and act on it.

  • Vasilios Golfinos


  • Betty Houston

    Sense of purpose

  • Focus

  • Focus.

  • Mind!

  • Josephine Marcellin


  • Mitch Roberts

    Showing up, strong and with a great attitude!

  • Anatoly Dvorkin


  • Eric Joseph Montgomery

    Daily Routine

  • Kenny Marklow

    Focus on simple daily habits.

  • Focus

  • Quinton A Lewis

    Take action

  • Mike A Elliott

    you have control over your thoughts

  • Shawn Patterson


  • twiztid logic


  • Alice Ho

    ability to think

  • r. john


  • Kajetan

    free will

  • Kajetan


  • Troy


  • Rick Crow


  • Donald Carter


  • Kalena


  • Rob Herold


  • Rob Herold

    So it’s We Win or we Learn, which is a Win.

  • Focus & clarity of purpose

  • His/her unique perspective and insight from lessons learned, that can be shared with others struggling with what he/her has already discovered.

  • A way to go into flow. A get-bum-on-chair and get work done flow (and hopefully take body breaks in between so you can sleep tonight and get up tomorrow morning).

  • Mark Goblowsky


  • Jason Hinckley


  • Cooper Goff


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