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I think I know what an Ironman triathlete must feel like on the last leg.

“Wow, you just swam 2.4 miles in the ocean and biked 112 miles through the mountains? Good job! Now go run a marathon, tough guy.”

See, we just completed a “monster” stack of experimental new features and improvements for you. Most of these changes fall into these categories:

  • nice to have
  • extremely useful
  • paradigm shifting

I’ll let you decide which is which.

But now, the real marathon begins: rolling it all out to you.

Marathon? Who am I kidding? We love this stuff!  Keep your eyes peeled for the next few blog posts as we’ll begin revealing this stuff piece by piece.  They’re all super interesting.  But the last piece … It’s something special.

Meanwhile …

There is one thing we need to do before we begin this fun process: have a little chat with you.

As much as I’d like to meet you face to face to talk about how we can make your life even more effortlessly awesome, I obviously can’t do that with a million users.

So …

Science to the rescue!

If you just take one minute to answer this super short survey, my guys will give you one of our courseware products on the house:

Take This Super Short Survey <— and get a free courseware product!

Once we’ve heard from you we’ll start revealing the new stuff.  Deal?


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