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Why Things Suck (and How to Make Everything Awesome Again) – Part 1

Hey guys, please listen carefully.  Normally this is where I’d offer a “fun bribe” in exchange for leaving a comment.  I love that kind of thing.  It’s a great way to make learning fun.

This time … no bribes.  Instead, I want to make a plea.

What I have to share with you in this series is something that will not only change your life for the better quite rapidly, but has the potential to change the world.   (No exaggeration.  It’s that big.)

Here’s the deal: involvement improves learning.  It’s a well-established psychological phenomenon.  So, whether or not this lesson “sticks” in your brain or is lost in the sea of Internet noise depends on whether you choose to get involved.

Taking just a moment to post a guess will improve your chances of remembering this lesson exponentially.

P.S. Yes, this is the build up to “Experimental New Feature #3.”

AKA Simpleology 5.7.

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  1. Mark Joyner says:

    Hint:  no one has the answer I’m looking for yet … (all excellent answers, though … I think you could state an excellent case for every one of these answers)

  2. Tonya Culbertson says:


  3. billtaichi says:

    A system that can be done almost automatically

  4. Jane Howe says:

    Your Self Esteem and Self Worth

  5. kaiminaauao says:

    action on the systems I choose

  6. Tim Stanforth says:


  7. To be a disciple to your practices.

  8. Danny Mallinder says:

    Following the Body For Life system produced an amazing body and mind and made me a champion. Lets go to part 2, loving this!

  9. Karen Salley says:


  10. Clayton Wagar says:

    Our Planet and Solar System run on systems so why shouldn’t I.

  11. Gerry Burger says:

    Systems provide small incremental wins that you can track then reflect on your win to loss ratio which generates a positive mindset.

  12. Augustin C. Pop says:

    Action-reaction, the 3 hedges

  13. Diane Brunette says:

    It has to be attitude.

  14. Brian Ford says:

    I’m guessing systems.

  15. Nick St Clare says:


  16. S. Nzinga Imhotep says:


  17. Kevin McGuire says:


  18. Your IDENTITY. Actions result from choices. Choices expose beliefs. Beliefs reveals character. Character unmasks Identity!

  19. Janeson Keeley says:


  20. Dave Greene says:

    Well, i’m thinking it has to do with how well I know myself and others.

  21. Sage_Dane says:

    Our belief system, based on our cultural world view.

  22. Nigel Lear says:

    Applied and Focused Action

  23. Michael Lopez says:

    I guess as reading from Solomon’s Ark we have to build our lifeboat business based on systems and culture…..hence this is about creating a automation system for my business!

  24. Patricia Cote says:

    It’s your perspective

  25. Andrea says:

    The patient development of habits that serve the end in mind.

  26. Alan Steacy says:

    Funny thing you should use the clean and dirty bathroom as one of your examples, Mark.

    My wife has been after me to scour the tub for several weeks now, so each time I shower, there’s that nagging voice in my head that says, “You know what you gotta do, why don’t you just do it, get it over with and enjoy a sparkling clean, guilt-free tub.”

    The difference is deciding to do what needs to be done now, even if it means getting down on your knees with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, so you can reap the sparkling rewards later.

  27. John Lewis says:


  28. Trevor Greenfield says:

    How I react to situations or events

  29. Ingrid Meijerink says:

    To stop with focusing but start activate awareness and creativity together

  30. Eva says:

    We all have our own perceptions as to what sucks and what’s awesome, whether that be based on our own lives, or the world around us. And they can be for many different reasons, such as: Nationality, Religion, our Demographics, Wealth, Health and our upbringing. Whether we grew up in a family unit, or not ?
    So many different variables. One possible answer may be for us to collectively settle on a middle ground. One that could provide everyone the opportunity to work toward their own awesome, through Guidance, Motivation, Education, and Support (emotionally or financially) . Providing help to people no matter their current environment/situation, gender or financial status, making awesome attainable for one and all.

    ~ When you know better, you do better ~

  31. Jibril Jay Obodoeze says:


  32. Andrew Hutner says:


  33. Kerrie Lapoehn says:

    Intent followed by action

  34. Luis Humberto Verdin says:

    We can only discriminate the difference by shifting our point of view and defining clearly what we like and what we don’t.

  35. Irene White says:


  36. Randy Cox says:

    Doing Start My Day everyday.

  37. Kristi Sayles says:


  38. Lowspark says:

    Gratitude improves attitude

  39. Johannes Van Der Heyden says:

    ME and my why

  40. Risk-Seguros says:

    Consistent Committed action

  41. Rick Falls says:

    What sucks is simply something that isn’t working ie no good result. What’s awesome is when something IS working, and getting better all the time due to measurement review, and needed tweaks to assure continued/improved results.

  42. Jim says:

    controlling the controllable.

  43. Charles Sawyer says:

    is it to be consistent in your actions

  44. Josephine Marcellin says:


  45. Martin Treacy says:


  46. Mitchell Roberts says:

    Adapting to or developing many system to create one simplified system.

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